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Therapists Are ‘Seeing’ Patients Online

Therapists Are ‘Seeing’ Patients Online

Video conferencing has become a popular way for therapists to reach patients, but opportunities for exploitation, especially by those with sketchy credentials, are rife.


How to protect yourself when selling online

Criminals are more adept at using the information on the Internet to commit crimes. “We don’t need to be scared or frightened, but we have to use common sense," says one expert.

Senh: Sound advice. If you're selling large items like a big screen TV, then only show it in the garage and don't let them in the house, not even to use the restroom. The point is not to let strangers into your house no matter what. Also, let them know that a lot of people will be there. If you take pictures of an item - for instance, a car - then make sure the license plate or your house number is not viewable in the picture. If you can, meet in a public place with a lot of people and security. The article mentions a bank is one of the most secure places you meet at because there's security and video cameras. Also, don't give out your phone number. If you call them, use caller ID block. Great article.


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