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Netflix moves to block a hostile takeover

Carl Icahn

Netflix is moving to protect itself against hostile takeovers, less than a week after activist investor Carl Icahn disclosed a stake of nearly 10 percent in the online video company. Netflix Inc. said Monday that it has adopted a shareholder rights plan, also known as a poison pill. Such a plan is designed to make it difficult or even impossible for someone to take over the company without an agreement from the board. When the provision is triggered, additional shares flood the market and make it prohibitively expensive for a takeover.


Paramount to add 500 films to YouTube rentals


YouTube and Paramount Pictures have reached a deal to make nearly 500 films available to rent online, even while their parent companies continue to feud over a $1 billion lawsuit.


Once Film-Focused, Netflix Shifts to TV Shows

The loss of its contract with Starz for movies may hurt Netflix less than originally thought, because more than half of its streaming audience are watching TV series.


Netflix strikes movie deal with Weinstein Co.


Netflix says it will stream certain movies from The Weinstein Co., including "The Artist," under an exclusive licensing agreement.


Apple iCloud may get streaming movies

Apple may be in talks to add streaming movie purchases to its iCloud service, but will Hollywood get onboard or stay loyal to its Ultraviolet service?


Exclusive: Facebook seeks exec to build Hollywood, media ties

Facebook is looking to hire a big-name executive to cultivate relationships and strike deals with the film and music industries to bolster its media offerings.


Media Decoder Blog: Netflix Strategy Prompts Backlash

The company’s decision to split into two businesses has customers complaining that it is treating them badly.


Qwikster: Netflix To Split DVD Service Into New Business

Qwikster: Netflix To Split DVD Service Into New Business

In a post on The Netflix Blog that went up Sunday night, the company's CEO, Reed Hastings, announced that Netflix would split its DVD-by-mail service and its streaming-video service into two companies. The new DVD-only company, called "Qwikster," will be completely separate from the streaming business. Hastings also expressed contrition for the way the company rolled out its recent price hike, which alienated many customers.

Senh: Not sure about the name. It sounds like Friendster rip-off site. Separating the two services into separate companies will allow each to focus on their strengths. Although now, it seems like the streaming service is growing a lot faster than the DVD/Blu-ray service.


Netflix lowers subscriber forecast, shares fall

Netflix lowers subscriber forecast, shares fall

Netflix Inc. lowered its expectations for U.S. subscribers for the third quarter by 4 percent on Thursday, just weeks after separating its DVD and streaming services, which increased...


[Updated] Netflix clamps down on account sharing; additional streams now cost a premium

If you're a seasoned Netflix instant streaming user, it may surprise you to know that the company has always had an official policy of limiting the number of simultaneous streams you're using. Now, Netflix has made that policy more concrete by producing an error message if you attempt to access your streaming account when it is already in use.


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