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HP donates WebOS to open sourcers

HP Touchpad

Hewlett Packard donates its mobile system software, WebOS, to the open source community and says it will continue to invest in the project. The tech company acquired the software when it bought the smartphone maker Palm for $1.2bn (£767m) last year. HP used the code to power its short-lived range Touchpad tablet computers before it abandoned the product line.


Canonical: Ubuntu has a future in mobile

Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth thinks Ubuntu Linux has a shot to be a contending operating system for future phones and tablets. It'll be a tough go -- Apple iOS and Google Android dominate the field now, with new Windows Phone 7 also making a play.


Hands On With Nokia's All-Screen Meego Phone, The N9

Hands On With Nokia's All-Screen Meego Phone, The N9

Nokia’s new all-screen N9 phone, the product of its ill-fated collaboration with Intel on the open sourced Meego operating system, is here.


What the heck is happening with OpenOffice?

Oracle abandoned OpenOffice, but now it seems, thanks to IBM, that it may live on with another organisation.


Major Newspaper Chain Goes Open Source

The argument over the utility of open source has one more voter in the yes camp. This time, it's the Journal Register Company, a U.S. newspaper chain with 170 publications.


Reason Why Open Source Phones Are A Failure

Reason Why Open Source Phones Are A Failure

The ultimate hacker phone, the Nokia N900 is the truest expression of Linux—the OS and the philosophy—that you'll find on mobile this year. It's a great niche gadget. But the idea that free, open-source solutions will sweep the mobile world is just as doomed in the U.S. as the idea of popular, open-source desktop PCs—in this case, because mobile networks don't welcome the unexpected, and they don't welcome geeks.


Say Hello To Chromium OS, The Open Source Chrome OS (Source Code)

Ahead of its press event to talk about the new Chrome OS Google has just posted the source code for Chrome OS on the Chromium site. As you can see in the file structure, Google is doing the same thing it does with Chrome, which is based off of Chromium, the open-source component. Can’t/Won’t Sell, Goes Open Source, Blames Everyone

Oh, this is rich. The Nambu Network, owners of the URL-shortening service announced today that the service will go open source on or before September 15 of this year.


Drupal Boost & APC

Drupal Boost & APC

I was testing a couple of caching software to stablize the site. Wopular used to crash 3-8 times a day. I had thought the main culprit was mysql because whenever resources become low, there is a logjam of queries waiting to be processed. They eventually pile up and consume all available resources and crash the site. Since I was able to set the server to reboot whenever it's near the melting point I didn't mind it too much because it only takes about 2-5 minutes.


Microsoft Plans Web-Based Office

Microsoft will offer a free Web-based version of Office as it looks to compete with Internet-based software from Google and increased competition from "open source" products.


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