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'MythBusters' puts ghostly sounds to the test


The show, which airs its first ever Halloween special on Sunday, explores whether something as simple as an inaudible sound -- to the human ear -- can convince unsuspecting folks of paranormal activities.


Box Office Report: 'Paranormal Activity' Earns $26.2 Mil Friday for Stunning $50 Mil Weekend

The Halloween threequel is pacing well ahead of the previous two pics; Paul W.S. Anderson's "The Three Musketeers" and the Rowan Atkinson action-comedy "Johnny English Reborn" don't find much love in the U.S. Far exceeding expectations, Paranormal Activity 3 grossed a massive $26.2 million on Friday, putting it on course to earn as much as $50 million for the weekend and score the best opening in nearly four months at the domestic box office on the strength of both younger and older moviegoers.

Senh: Simply amazing. I had originally thought that "Paranormal Activity" would be a one-trick pony, but two sequels later, it's still exceeding expectations. The "Blair Witch" guys could learn a lot from their imitators.


Critics Consensus: Paranormal Activity 2 Is A Solid, Scary Follow-up

Critics Consensus: Paranormal Activity 2 Is A Solid, Scary Follow-up

This week at the movies, we've got spooky spectres (Paranormal Activity 2, starring Katie Featherston) and supernatural seekers (Hereafter, starring Matt Damon and Bryce Dallas Howard). What do the critics have to say? Upon its release, Paranormal Activity became something of a cult phenomenon - and the press was almost as intrigued by its budget-to-gross ratio as its lo-fi chills. Now, Paranormal Actrivity 2 is hitting theaters, and though it's barely been screened for critics, those who have seen it say it's a worthy - and very creepy -- follow-up.


Second Paranormal Activity 2 Trailer

Second Paranormal Activity 2 Trailer

More secrets are revealed in this all-new footage from the highly-anticipated sequel about a family being haunted.


Out Pops The First Image For 'Paranormal Activity 2'

October 22nd isn't going to be as fun like I thought it would be before. That's only because "Saw VII" ("Saw 3D") isn't going head-to-head with "Paranormal Activity 2" on their opening weekends. At the same time it's not really surprising since "Paranormal Activity" knocked "Saw VI" out of it's royal box office throne last year. Once Paramount realized they had an awesomely huge hit on their hands, something had to be done about it quickly.


Paranormal Activity 2 Teaser Coming with Twilight: Eclipse reports that Paramount Pictures will reveal the first teaser trailer for the Kip Williams-directed Paranormal Activity 2 in theaters next week with The Twilight Saga: Eclipse , which opens on Wednesday, June 30th.


'Paranormal Activity 2' finds director

Tod "Kip" Williams is set to direct the much-anticipated "Paranormal Activity 2" for Paramount.


'Paranormal Activity 2' To Be Helmed By... Brian De Palma?!

'Paranormal Activity 2' To Be Helmed By... Brian De Palma?!

It might not be Oscar bait, but last year's found footage thriller "Paranormal Activity" remains an unparalleled achievement. The low-budget indie which first screened for festival audiences in 2007 finally got a wide release in the fall of 2009. The wide opening came after Paramount's weeks-long campaign appealing for fans to "Demand It" by signing ...


'Paranormal Activity 2' rushing to theaters with 'Saw VI' director

'Paranormal Activity 2' rushing to theaters with 'Saw VI' director

Paramount Pictures is making sure that another "Paranormal Activity" is in theaters by Christmas, but has hired a "Saw" veteran to make it happen.


Paramount's low-budget movie gamble

"It's a fascinating, potentially game-changing concept, since it's a wonderful way for studios to replenish the pipeline with new ideas, but ideas that can be executed on a cheap budget.


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