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Joe Paterno has lung cancer

Penn State's former coach has a treatable form of lung cancer, his son says. Paterno was fired last week after a former assistant was charged with abusing children.


Internet Posting Helped Sandusky Investigators

Internet Posting Helped Sandusky Investigators

Law enforcement officials wound up looking into the question of a Penn State cover-up in the Sandusky case... A critical break in the investigation of Jerry Sandusky came via a posting on the Internet: a random mention that a Penn State football coach, years before, might have seen something ugly, but kept silent.

Senh: By far, the most complete story on the Penn State scandal.


Police: No record of McQueary reporting alleged sexual assault by Sandusky at Penn State

Penn State campus police and their counterparts in State College said Wednesday that they had no record of Mike McQueary reporting an alleged sexual assault by Jerry Sandusky on a 10-year-old boy in a campus shower. The details ran counter to McQueary’s claims in an e-mail to former teammates and made available to the Associated Press this week.

Senh: Apparently, McQueary reported it to his superiors, but they did not think it necessary to tell the police.


Sandusky's Charity Tied to Fundraiser for Bail Judge

Newly released documents show deeper ties between the charity founded by alleged child rapist Jerry Sandusky and the judge who set his bail -- with the documents showing a top official at the charity raising campaign money in 2007 for the judge, reported.


Sandusky: He 'horsed around' but insists he's no pedophile

Sandusky: He 'horsed around' but insists he's no pedophile

Former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky admitted he took showers and "horsed around" with young boys, but insisted he is not a pedophile.


After week's turmoil Penn State finally plays

The Nebraska and Penn State players gathered at midfield before the game, kneeling together for a long moment in a quiet stadium.


Sandusky had access to vulnerable kids via charity

Over the past 30 years, politicians, sports stars and community leaders heaped praise on Jerry Sandusky and the charity he founded for troubled youngsters, The Second Mile. It was a model program, and the acclaimed football coach was its driving force....


Jerry Sandusky could get 460 years in prison if convicted

Former Penn State assistant football Coach Jerry Sandusky could face a maximum prison sentence of 460 years if convicted of sexually abusing or molesting eight underage victims over a 14-year period, according to a criminal complaint filed last Friday that myfoxphilly obtained.


Penn State appoints committee to investigate child sex abuse scandal

Penn State's board of trustees vowed Friday to restore "public trust in the university" and created a special committee to investigate the sex abuse scandal that has rocked the campus and community.


'Horrified' mother of Penn State victim wants 'justice'

The mother of one of the alleged sex abuse victims in the Penn State scandal says she wants the perpetrator "to be put away for a long time."


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