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Twitter launches own photo-sharing tool

Twitter has launched its own photo-sharing tool, offering a native version of a feature that until now was mostly the domain of third-party apps like Twitpic and yfrog.


Instagram: 150 million photos shared - GigaOm

Thanks to celebrities and its excellent usability and engagement techniques, Instagram, one of my favorite iPhone-based photo sharing apps has crossed another milestone in its charmed life — 150 million ...


Facebook CEO says company will ‘launch something awesome’ next week

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the social network has plans to “launch something awesome” next week. There’s no official word on what will be announced, but we suspect it’s going to be the new iPhone photo-sharing service that we saw just last week.


Pregnant women and families are sharing photos and more on Facebook, Web sites

Like many expectant mothers these days, Autumn Yates posted updates about her pregnancy on Facebook. “It’s nice for my extended family to see pictures from time to time of me getting bigger and little comments like, ‘34-week check-up went well!’ ” said Yates, 29, a Spanish teacher from Oakton. “I don’t see anything wrong with that. I think there is kind of a line sometimes, though.”


Twitter adding a photo-sharing feature

Twitter is going beyond 140 characters by adding a photo-sharing service.


New app shares photos with everyone near you

What if you could see the cellphone photos taken by everyone within 150 feet of you? Would you be hesitant about potentially seeing yourself captured in one of those photos or would you be smiling as your inner voyeur jumps in joy?


Head of Flickr Bails: Another Reason Why Facebook Should Buy Them

Head of Flickr Bails: Another Reason Why Facebook Should Buy Them

Matthew Rothenberg, the man who most believed ran Flickr for Yahoo!, announced his departure in a Tweet today.


Bits: Instagram Quickly Passes 1 Million Users

Instagram, a photo-sharing social network, announced Tuesday that it had passed 1 million registered users in just two months.


Facebook Buys Divvyshot Site

Divvyshot, a photo-sharing start-up, said it had received an offer from Facebook it couldn't refuse.


Troops Now Allowed to Use Social Networking Sites

American soldiers can now tweet, send friend requests and share photos and personal news just like the rest of the World Wide Web.


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