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The First Four Games Unveiled at Sony's PlayStation 4 Event (A look at Knack, Killzone, Driveclub, inFamous)

The PlayStation 4 will be released during the 2013 holiday season, which could mean Sony could release their newest console anywhere between mid November to December 31. But what's a console without games to play them on? Sony not only revealed some important facts (while leaving out a few) about the PS4, but also gave us a taste of games to come.


'Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale' Review

It’s a question many gamers have been asking for almost a decade now. Why has no one else tried to make a Super Smash Bros. game? The all-star Nintendo brawler has been one of the most played and best loved games across its last three consoles, the N64, the Gamecube and the Wii. Its focus on chaotic multiplayer, offscreen kills and the elimination of health bars looked like it was going to reinvent the entire fighting genre.


How Sony's Big Gamble With The PS Vita Will Lead Them To Victory

PS Vita

With the upcoming launch of Sony's PS Vita in the UK, Europe, and North American markets, Ewan Spence reckons that far from being the last gasp of a traditional model, the Vita is going to be welcomed by gamers with open arms.


Unauthorized access hits PlayStation accounts

Unauthorized access hits PlayStation accounts

Sony says it has detected a large number of unauthorized attempts to access user accounts on its PlayStation Network and other online entertainment services.


Hacker Arrested in Attack on Sony

U.S. officials arrested a man they said was part of a hacking attack on a Sony Corp. unit, as a grand jury indicted two other men in an attack on a local-government site.


WTF? Sony Sneaks Class Action Clause into Mandatory PS3 Update

Someone needs to send Sony the book "How to Win Friends and Influence People" because the company clearly isn't getting it. We can point to the whole rootkit fiasco, but who needs to look back that far when Sony's shenanigans never seem to stop?


Sony: 3 million more PlayStation members since attacks

Sony chief executive Howard Stringer said that the company has largely recovered from the cyberattacks that hit it last spring, and is actually seeing some growth on its PlayStation network.


PS3: Cross-Game Chat Is Never Coming (and Sony explains why)

PS3: Cross-Game Chat Is Never Coming (and Sony explains why)

Apparently, we can all stop holding our breath in hopes of cross-game chat on the PS3. It's not coming.


PS Vita confirmed to have 512MB RAM

Sony has released official specification sheet, which states that Vita has 512MB RAM.


PlayStation Vita Release Date Leaked: October 28?

Although Sony has yet to pin down a release date for the Sony PlayStation Vita, an alleged ad from Blockbuster UK seems to indicate an October worldwide launch.


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