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Pole dancing: Olympic sport?

Pole Dancing

It will be great for TV ratings, that’s for sure. A group of pole dancing advocates wants the activity, more commonly associated with dim nightclubs, recognized as an Olympic sport. The Pole Fitness Association and other pole dancing advocacy groups are circulating petitions to have vertical dance, which they compare to gymnastics, added to the London 2012 lineup.


Miss USA pole-dancing photos surface

Pageant officials are investigating 2007 photos of Rima Fakih performing a pole dance. The newly crowned Miss USA did not remove any clothing at the 2007 “Stripper 101” event sponsored by a syndicated radio show, which was attended only by women.


Pole Dancing at the University of Cambridge Relieves Student Stress

Image Via Polercise.com

With final exams looming, many students’ stress levels are unavoidably increasing and the need for relieving that unwanted stress has caused one female Union member of the Cambridge University Society to request a pole-dancing exercise class to Juan de Francisco, a Union Ents Officer.

De Francisco took her request to the Ents Com


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