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Chinese think tank urges end to one-child policy

A Chinese government think tank is urging the country's leaders to start phasing out its one-child policy immediately and allow two children for every family by 2015, a daring proposal to do away with the unpopular policy....


Philippines takes on Catholic church over birth control

Philippine President Benigno Aquino is squaring off against his country's powerful Catholic church in a bid to give people free access to the means to limit the size of their families. The predominately Catholic country has one of Asia's fastest-growing populations together with significant levels of chronic poverty. While neighbors have accelerated towards prosperity, the Philippines has lagged.


Pressure to Repeal China’s One-Child Law Is Growing

Pan Chunyan was grabbed from her grocery store when she was almost eight months pregnant with her third child. Men working for a local official locked her up with two other women, and four days later brought her to a hospital and forced her to put her thumbprint on a document saying she had agreed to an abortion. A nurse injected her with a drug.


In Nigeria, a Preview of an Overcrowded Planet


With earth’s population headed for 10 billion, much of the growth is in sub-Saharan Africa, where trends that have lowered birthrates elsewhere have not yet caught on.


Keep girls in school to ease population boom?

Family planning experts say keeping girls in school is one way to curb the population boom in high-fertility regions.


Food Prices, Global Hunger to Skyrocket by 2030, Oxfam Warns

Left unchecked, climate change aligned with population explosion and low agricultural yields will drastically increase global poverty and hunger over the next two decades, warns the international aid organization Oxfam in a report released today ...


State media: China to stick with one-child policy

China will continue to limit most families to just one child in the coming decades, state media said Monday, despite concerns ...


China's census will get feedback on one-child rule

Chinese officials will gather feedback on large nation's 'one-child policy' so population laws can be revised.


Defusing India’s Population Time Bomb

Limiting births would allow India time to curb a population that threatens to turn its demography from an asset into a burden.

Senh: India might have to follow what China did.


Long-hated one-child rule may be eased in China

For years, China curbed its once-explosive population growth with a widely hated one-child limit that at its peak led to forced ...


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