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'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham confirms sex tape: 'Something I personally needed for me'

Farrah Abraham - NBC News

After denying it for days, "Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham has admitted to that she recently filmed an adult movie."I wanted my own personal video made and photos taken for myself, when I am older I will have my best year to look back on," Abraham told us."I'm happy to see my 21st year be done. I've learned a lot.

Senh: Want to become the next reality star? Make a sex tape.


Calif. teacher with past in porn loses appeal

A middle school teacher who was fired after students learned she had appeared in pornography has lost her appeal to return to the classroom, her lawyer said Tuesday.


Should children be taught that porn is not real?


Many teenagers regularly view porn. But does this give them a distorted view of sex and relationships, and is there anything that can be done? For many parents, the idea of their child seeking out, or stumbling across, online porn is the stuff of nightmares.


The manager browsed files on the phone, looking for owner information, and discovered a folder titled “homade porn” ...

A found cellular phone that was turned in to a local Sprint retailer earlier this week has led to federal child pornography charges against a 32-year-old Moorhead man.


NJ mom sues over breast-feeding video-turned-porn

A New Jersey mother is suing a production company after an instructional breast-feeding video she appeared in was taken by a third party and used to create pornography. A federal court judge ruled last week that Maryann Sahoury's lawsuit against the Meredith Corporation could proceed. Sahoury and her 1-month old daughter demonstrated breast-feeding techniques in a 2010 video designed to help new mothers.


US reveals accusations against Secret Service

The government is revealing details of serious allegations since 2004 against Secret Service agents and officers, including claims of involvement with prostitutes, leaking sensitive information, publishing pornography, sexual assault, illegal wiretaps, improper use of weapons and drunken behavior. It wasn't immediately clear how many of the accusations were confirmed to be true....

Senh: Jeez, all we missing anything else here?


Priest's PowerPoint shows gay porn

An Irish priest at the center of a gay porn controversy has asked to leave his parish and take sabbatical leave from the priesthood, he said Sunday.


Larry Flynt offers $1M for dirt on Congress

Larry Flint

Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler magazine, is offering $1 million for information on members of Congress engaged in "infidelity, sexual impropriety or corruption." Flynt's bounty offer was made today in a full-page ad in The Washington Post.


Hacker says porn site users compromised

A hacker claims to have compromised users' personal info after breaking into a discussion forum maintained by pornography website Brazzers.


'Sesame Street' YouTube channel hacked, filled with porn

'Sesame Street' YouTube channel hacked, filled with porn

The official YouTube channel for children's television series "Sesame Street" was compromised this weekend. At that time, a hacker filled what could be considered one of the more child-friendly corners of the Internet with videos so pornographic that they'd make Cookie Monster blush until he resembled Elmo.

Senh: That's messed up, and it's not funny. Luckily, it was only there for about 20 minutes. YouTube and Sesame Street reacted pretty quickly.


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