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Sotomayor chides prosecutor for ‘racially charged’ question

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor accused a Texas federal prosecutor Monday of tapping into a “deep and sorry vein of racial prejudice” in his questioning of a black man facing a drug charge.


Editor ousted over racial slur against Rihanna


The editor of a Dutch fashion magazine has been fired after the publication used a racial slur to refer to Barbados-born Rihanna, setting off a social media furor and prompting an outraged response from the singer. Eva Hoeke, editor of "Jackie," and the magazine's publisher said in a joint statement on Facebook that the misuse of a racial slur - "although without malicious intentions" - was cause for Hoeke's departure after eight years on the job.


Gingrich comment draws Palestinian ire

Newt Gingrich

Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erakat reacted strongly Saturday to comments by Republican presidential frontrunner Newt Gingrich that the Palestinians are an "invented" people, calling it "the most racist statement I've ever seen."

Senh: Uh-oh. Newt makes a controversial remark while on the spotlight. We'll how this affects him.


Minorities helped fuel Harry Reid's victory

Many Nevada Latinos and others were motivated by 'tea party' Republican Sharron Angle's racially charged rhetoric in the Senate race.


White House apologizes to fired USDA worker

White House apologizes to fired USDA worker

Shirley Sherrod was terminated after a conservative website showed edited video of her at an NAACP event apparently saying she would refuse to help a white farmer.


USDA to Reconsider Ouster of Official for Race Comments

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says he will 'conduct a thorough review and consider additional facts' regarding the department's decision to oust a black employee over racially tinged comments.


Chris Matthews on Obama: `Forgot he was black'

Chris Matthews on Obama: `Forgot he was black'

MSNBC's Chris Matthews says President Barack Obama has done so much to heal racial divisions that he "forgot he was black" while watching his State of the Union address....


Obama accepts Reid apology for racial remark

President Obama says he's accepted an apology from the Senate's top Democrat for calling him a "light skinned" African-American ...


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