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Venezuela divided: Recount sought after razor-thin victory of Chavez successor

Venezuela awoke to political turmoil Monday after Hugo Chavez's chosen successor, Nicolas Maduro, won the country’s presidential election by such a tight margin that his rival demanded a recount. The country, already shaken by the death from cancer of its dominating leader, faces uncertainty after Maduro secured 50.7 percent of the votes in Sunday's election, compared with 49.1 percent for Henrique Capriles -- a difference of just 235,000 ballots.


Obama, Romney have legal teams ready

The campaigns are ready for Election Day -- so are their legal teams. President Obama and Mitt Romney both have battalions of lawyers ready to litigate any voting disputes that could affect this year's election. Legal strike forces are now a campaign standard, thanks largely to the disputed 2000 recount in Florida between George W. Bush and Al Gore.


Iraq Recount Mired in a New Dispute

Only hours after a recount began on Monday, leaders of Nuri Kamal al-Maliki’s coalition sought a court order for a more review of what they called election irregularities.


Iraq Vote Results in Doubt as Recount Is Ordered

The recount is limited, but it could upend the narrow victory of a coalition led by a former prime minister.


Allawi Wins Most Seats in Iraqi Elections

Allawi Wins Most Seats in Iraqi Elections

When the votes were all finally counted, Iraq’s election left almost everything unresolved, from who would finally rule the country to whether American combat troops would be able to leave on schedule by August.


Iraq officials seek ballot recount

Electoral Commission is fraught with accusations of fraud in wake of March 7 parliamentary vote.


Ahmadinejad Declared Victorious After Partial Recount

Supporters of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad celebrated Tuesday after Iran's highest electoral authority proclaimed the validity of its disputed election, paving the way for the incumbent to begin a second term despite claims of fraud.


Iran recount seen as bid to placate opposition

Iran recount seen as bid to placate opposition

Iran began recounting some of the votes cast in its disputed presidential election Monday in an apparent attempt to placate opposition protesters.


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