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Rampant recycling fraud is draining California cash

Recycling Fraud

Fraud rings bring cans and bottles from other states and illicitly 'redeem' deposits that were never paid. And some private recycling centers might claim bigger reimbursements than they deserve.


Recycling cigarette butts starts to catch fire

Cigarette butts are the targets of new recycling efforts worldwide as Canada launches a voluntary program that turns butts into plastic.


Add kidneys to list of things that can be recycled

Recycled Kidney

It turns out you can recycle just about anything these days - even kidneys and other organs donated for transplants. Recently in Chicago, in what is believed to be the first documented case of its kind in the U.S., a transplanted kidney that was failing was removed from a patient while he was still alive and given to somebody else.


Boat of recycled plastic bottles ends 4-month Pacific sail

Boat of recycled plastic bottles ends 4-month Pacific sail

A sailboat largely constructed from 12,500 recycled plastic bottles has completed a 4-month journey across the Pacific Ocean to raise awareness ...


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