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Verizon to set up streaming service with Redbox

Verizon Redbox Streaming Service

Phone company Verizon Communications Inc. will challenge Netflix and start a video streaming service this year with Redbox and its DVD rental kiosks.


Netflix Huge Loser If Verizon Partners With Redbox

Verizon may not have had much bargaining power with its currently minimal streaming subscriber base, but a partnership will help Verizon leverage Redbox's established relationship with content providers to get more favorable deals. This could lead to less of an impact on gross margins than had it decided to go alone.


Debt, changing media habits topple Blockbuster

Debt, changing media habits topple Blockbuster

Blockbuster Inc., once the dominant movie rental company in the U.S., filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Thursday, reeling from mounting losses, rising debt and competitors that have better catered to Americans changed media habits.

Senh: Blockbuster was too arrogant. When Netflix started gaining popularity several years ago, the CEO back then called it a niche market, and that they're not worry about it at all. Now, Netflix has 15 monthly subscribers, and Blockbuster is bankrupt.


Redbox Signs DVD Contract With Warner

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group reached a movie-distribution deal with Redbox, operator of cut-rate DVD-rental kiosks, ending their litigation. Under the arrangement, Redbox agreed to wait 28 days after Warner Bros. releases new movies for sale before offering them for rent at $1 per night.


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