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Book review: ‘Radical: Fighting to Put Students First’ by Michelle Rhee

Michelle Rhee

If you are, have been or might soon be the parent of a school-age child in Washington,you have an opinion about Michelle Rhee, who ran the city’s public schools from 2007 to 2010. In a town full of divisive personalities, Rhee polarized opinion more than any other public figure I can remember, with the exception of a handful of officials.


China OKs sweeping tax reforms to tackle inequality


China unveiled sweeping tax reforms on Tuesday to make wealthy state-owned firms, property speculators and the rich pay more to narrow a yawning gap between an urban elite and hundreds of millions of rural poor.


The insanely confusing path to legal immigration, in one chart

Congress and the White House have just begun exploring policies that would revamp the country’s immigration laws. A bipartisan group of senators have proposed a new pathway to citizenship Monday and, later Tuesday, President Obama is expected to unveil his own reform plan.


Senators reach agreement on immigration reform

Immigration Reform

A bipartisan group of leading senators has reached agreement on the principles for a sweeping overhaul of the nation's immigration laws, including a path to citizenship for the 11 million illegal immigrants already in this country. The deal, to be announced at a news conference Monday, also covers border security, non-citizen or "guest" workers and employer verification of immigration status.


NRA Protest: Gun Control Advocates March To Demand Reform

Gun control advocates marched to the National Rifle Association's Capitol Hill office on Monday, in an effort to pressure the powerful organization to stop standing in the way of reform.


More countries restrict Internet to stifle critics: report

Internet Censorship

Government restrictions on the Internet have risen over the past year around the world as regimes use violence against bloggers and turn to censorship and arrest to squelch calls for reform, a new report from a U.S. advocacy group has found.


India Ink: India Opens Door to Foreign Investment


India ushered in the biggest economic reforms in two decades on Friday, allowing big foreign retailers like Walmart, foreign broadcasters and foreign airlines to invest in the country, among other reforms.


Bashar Assad Agrees To Reforms To Stop Violence: Reports

Reuters reports that Syrian President Bashar Assad and Arab League Chief Nabil Elaraby have agreed to measures that could end months of violence. DP news reports that Syria said Assad and Elaraby agreed on a number of “practical steps” to speed up the reform process.


Malaysia fires tear gas at protest, arrests 1,667

Police fired tear gas and detained hundreds of activists as more than 20,000 demonstrators massed Saturday across Malaysia's main city demanding electoral reforms in the country's biggest political rally in years....


Deficit panel falls short of demanding congressional action on plan

The plan, containing sweeping austerity and reform proposals, receives support from 11 of the 18 members on the bipartisan commission, but 14 votes were needed to require Congress to consider it.


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