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Reporter faces possible jail-time for refusing to reveal who provided her with Aurora mass shooter James Holmes’ notebook.

Jana Winter

... Winter is currently facing a jail sentence for refusing to reveal the sources who provided her with alleged Aurora shooter James Holmes’ notebook, which he had sent to a psychiatrist and which was"full of details about how he was going to kill people." Holmes’ defense attorneys subpoenaed Winter to testify about who told her about the notebook and a Colorado judge has said that he will rule on April 10th whether Winter must reveal her source or face jail time for refusing to testify.


The Post uses someone else’s words — again

Has technology made us all plagiarists? The Internet and Google have enabled every reporter, blogger and columnist to have what amounts to a million encyclopedias at their fingertips. We can search for material on virtually any subject and download a cornucopia of information in seconds to inform us before we begin using more traditional reporting tools.


American journalist missing in Syria

The family of an American journalist says he went missing in Syria more than one month ago while covering the civil war there....


Twitter suspends reporter's account

Olympics Reporter Suspected from Twitter

Twitter has suspended the account of a Los Angeles-based reporter for a British newspaper who included the email address of the NBC Olympics president and asked his followers to write him to complain about the network's coverage....


Mexico cartel attacks on press take toll on drug war coverage

The Mexican press, as evidenced in recent attacks on two newspaper offices, grapples with decisions about how — and whether — to cover the drug war in ways that won't endanger lives.


Reporter stripped, sexually attacked

British journalist Natasha Smith tells CNN's Dan Rivers about how she was sexually assaulted in Cairo.


Politico reporter suspended over Romney racial quip

Top Politico reporter Joe Williams was suspended after suggesting on MSNBC Thursday that Mitt Romney only feels "relaxed" in the company of other white people.


AP apologizes for firing reporter over WWII scoop

In World War II's final moments in Europe, Associated Press correspondent Edward Kennedy gave his news agency perhaps the biggest scoop in its history. He reported, a full day ahead of the competition, that the Germans had surrendered unconditionally at a former schoolhouse in Reims, France.


Phone hacking: News of the World Hollywood reporter is arrested

Phone hacking: News of the World Hollywood reporter is arrested

The News of the World journalist James Desborough has been arrested over alleged phone hacking at the paper.


Israel drops threat to deport, ban journalists

Israel drops threat to deport, ban journalists

The Israeli government on Monday dropped a threat to issue lengthy deportation orders against journalists aboard a Gaza-bound flotilla, in an attempt to scale back a crisis with the international media.


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