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Expert: Rhinos extinct in Mozambique

Mozambique's rhinoceros population was wiped out more than a century ago by big game hunters. Reconstituted several years ago, it has again been driven to extinction, or to the brink of extinction, by poachers seeking their horns for sale in Asia....


What killed Neanderthals? Blame those rascally rabbits

Rabbit - NBC News

Neanderthals were big game hunters who feasted on mammoth and rhino but didn’t or couldn’t eat smaller, leaner meat.


Rhino poaching soars, horns worth more than gold

A record number of rhinos were poached this year in South Africa, home to the greatest number of the animals, amid rising demand in Asia for their horns.


Rhino Subspecies Vanishing From the Wild

The Western Black Rhino of Africa has been declared officially extinct, and two other subspecies of rhinoceros are close to meeting the same fate, a leading conservation group said Thursday.


Giant mammals once ruled the earth

Giant mammals once ruled the earth

After dinosaurs disappeared 65 million years ago, the world's rhinos, elephants and other large mammals had the run of the Earth and grew as ...


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