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Box Office Report: 'Snow White' Fairest of Them All With $56.3 Mil in North America

Snow White and the Huntsman

The Universal event pic is the first of the recent fairy tale retellings to win at the box office; Ridley Scott's "Prometheus" opens overseas to stellar $35 million from only 15 markets, nearly matching the $39.3 million grossed by "Snow White" from 45 territories.


Stars in London for 'Prometheus' world premiere

"Prometheus" is landing in London. The world premiere of Sir Ridley Scott's new sci-fi thriller takes place in Leicester Square on Thursday night. Stars Noomi Rapace, Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender and Guy Pearce will join the director by touching down on a special blue carpet to meet fans.


'Prometheus' Reviews Are Out! Great Visuals But Story May Leave A Few Feeling Lost


Ridley Scott's Prometheus had its world premiere in London yesterday and the reviews are out with or without Fox's blessings. Read them below. While most of the reviews are overwhelming postive, gushing about the visuals in particular, there are a couple that mentioned the muddled narrative that didn't fully answer all the questions it posed.


New 'Prometheus' Trailer Reveals More Plot Points


As promised, the new trailer for Prometheus is here. Check it out below. The previous teasers and trailers mostly shows what happened on the alien planet when the crew of the Prometheus got there, but the new trailer actually shows some footage of what occurred on Earth before they head out to the great unknown.


Ridley Scott Signs On To Direct & Produce a New Version of 'Blade Runner'

Ridley Scott Signs On To Direct & Produce a New Version of 'Blade Runner'

It's not clear whether he wants to do a sequel, prequel or remake of the film... but what is clear, is that Blade Runner will be coming back to the big screen soon. Good or Bad Idea?


Ridley Scott: I'll never work without 3-D again

Ridley Scott: I'll never work without 3-D again

Ridley Scott is shooting his first film in 3-D, and he says he'll always use the multidimensional approach in his future films. The director appeared at Comic-Con via satellite from Iceland, where he is shooting the sci-fi thriller "Prometheus."


'Alien' Prequel Gets An Awesome Rewrite By Damon Lindelof, Could Star Natalie Portman

Surprise, surprise: Damon Lindelof's rewrite of Ridley Scott's "Alien" prequel has allegedly made the film infinitely more awesome. Culture Vulture got the exclusive that executives at Fox read the new draft of the screenplay (originally penned by Jon Spaihts) and were "very pleased with it indeed."


Alien Prequel Stalled Over Budget and Rating Disagreement

Ridley Scott and 20th Century Fox fight over R rating and a $250 million budget.


Alien Prequel, Sequel Details

Before the Alien prequel and its sequel hit theatres, we bring you some cool plot points from the man who first told us that, in space, no one can hear you scream: Ridley Scott.


Critics Consensus: Robin Hood Isn't A Merry Time

Critics Consensus: Robin Hood Isn't A Merry Time

This week at the movies, we've got serious swashbuckling (Robin Hood, starring Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchet), amour in Verona (Letters to Juliet, starring Amanda Seyfried and Chris Egan),and roundball romance (Just Wright, starring Common and Queen Latifah). Robin Hood is a merry man, right? Well, not in Ridley Scott's Robin Hood, and the film suffers from its deviation from the legend, despite its impressive visuals and strong performances. Romeo once wondered, "Is love a tender thing?


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