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Predators International Posters

Predators International Posters

Three international posters are now online (thanks to for the heads up) for Robert Rodriguez's new project "Predators" starring Adrien Brody, Laurence Fishburne, Topher Grace, Alice Braga, and Walt Goggins. The film is directed by Nimród Antal and is due out July 7, 2010.Check out the three posters below (click on them for a larger view) and let us know what you think."Predators," a bold new chapter in the Predator universe, shot under the creative auspices of Robert Rodriguez ...


‘Predators’ Preview Debuts at SXSW

‘Predators’ Preview Debuts at SXSW

SXSWi (the South by Southwest Interactive conference) is certainly our favorite track of the SXSW experience, but it’s not the only portion of the festival taking place this weekend. Film goers are out en masse in Austin too, and directors — both big and small — are using the event to showcase their films. Or in some cases, using it to show off preview of their films.


Robert Rodriguez Conceived 'Machete' In The '90s, Has Trilogy Plans

MTV Movies Blog contributor and avid Danny Trejo enthusiast Josh Wigler is going to kill me for running this news instead of letting him have at it, but I got here first. Haw haw!
Y'all know Trejo, right? You've seen him before. In "xXx," "Con Air," "Anaconda," "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy," Rob Zombie's "Halloween" ...


Laurence Fishburne Has Been Added to the PREDATORS Cast List

IESB has been visiting the set of 20th Century Fox' PREDATORS today in Austin, Texas where it was revealed to us that veteran actor Laurence Fishburne had been added to the cast of the film, most likely because he was on set today as well and none of us knew he was in the film. Fishburne will play the character called Noland and will appear as an uncredited cameo role in the Robert Rodriguez produced film.


"Sin City 2," "Hard Boiled" Updates

Producer Stephen L'Heureux tells that a "Sin City" sequel aims to go into production in the second half of next year. The sequel will be based on an original script by Miller who co-directs with Robert Rodriguez. Miller is also attached to direct and is working on the screenplay for "Hard Boiled", based on the comic about an insurance investigator-turned-cyborg assassin.


Sony picks up rights to 'Machete'

Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions Group has boarded "Machete," the action-thriller pic from Robert Rodriguez.


Green Hornet Pushed Back 5 Months

Seth Rogen's movie based on the pulp and television hero The Green Hornet has been moved from its original date of July 7, 2010 to its new date of December 17, 2010 according to Box Office Mojo . No reason for the move was given but one can presumes it's to give the movie more time for post-production--principal photography hasn't begun yet--and to get it away from Robert Rodriguez's Predators relaunch.


Nimrod Antal chases down 'Predators'

Nimrod Antal, the director of the horror film "Vacancy," has been hired to direct "Predators" for Fox and producer Robert Rodriguez.


Exclusive: Predators May Get Armored

Exclusive: Predators May Get Armored

So last we heard, Neil Marshall was one of seven contenders according to AICN to direct the Alex Litvak penned reboot PREDATORS, based on Robert Rodriguez's treatment. LatinoReview has exclusively learned that director Nimród Antal, not only is he one of the seven names, but is also the top contender and the guy most likely to get the gig.Who?I said the same damn thing.


Screenwriter Set for Predators Reboot

Alex Litvak is tackling the latest draft of Robert Rodriguez's remake.


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