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Video: Exoskeleton helps paralyzed walk

An artificially intelligent, wearable robot enables paraplegics to stand upright and walk.


Mind-controlled robotic arm has skill and speed of human limb

Mind-Controlled Robotic Arm

A paralyzed woman has been able to feed herself chocolate and move everyday items using a robotic arm directly controlled by thought, showing a level of agility and control approaching that of a human limb.


'Transformer' robot made at MIT


It may not look like a character from the Transformer franchise, but a tiny robot made in the US is able to change shape. Built at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), it uses magnets to mimic molecules that fold themselves into complex shapes.


Robotic fingertips are more sensitive than a human's

Robotic Fingers

Two researchers from USC published a study Monday describing a new kind of robotic sensor, modeled on the human finger, that can feel, explore and identify more than a hundred common materials.


Print-your-own-robots developed

Researchers from three of the US's leading universities are teaming up on a $10m project to revolutionise robot production. to buy Kiva Systems for $775 million Inc said on Monday it agreed to buy Kiva Systems Inc for $775 million in cash, a deal that will bring more robotic technology to the e-commerce company's giant network of warehouses.


Wearable Robots Help Paralyzed

Wearable Robots

Walking is one of the many things in life that most of us take for granted. Now, for those who can’t, a technological marvel could prove miraculous. A Defense Department program to develop super-strong soldiers has led to a wearable robot that enables paraplegics to walk. At 10 leading rehab facilities from Honolulu to Atlanta, Ekso Bionics' Iron Man-style exoskeletons have been quietly tested over the past year, to resounding success.

Senh: This is pretty cool. I can see people without disabilities using these robotic exoskeletons.


Future of Technology - Robotic helicopters at work in Afghanistan

Robotic helicopters capable of ferrying 3.5 tons of cargo in a single load are at work supplying NATO troops in Afghanistan, according to a defense technology blog. The helicopter is a Lockheed Martin / Kaman Aerospace K-Max designed for battlefield cargo resupply.


Scientists take big steps toward 'bionic' leg

Scientists take big steps toward 'bionic' leg

As 20-year-old Hailey Daniswicz flexes muscles in her thigh, electrodes attached to her leg instruct a computer avatar to flex its knee and ankle -- parts of Hailey's leg that have been missing since 2005.


BP Readies Next Oil Plug Attempt

BP Readies Next Oil Plug Attempt

Robot submarines carried equipment and cut small pipes at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico on Monday to prepare to place a new containment valve over the blown-out well this week, while BP crews began working on yet another containment plan that could be added after the cut-and-cap effort.


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