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C. Everett Koop, Ex-Surgeon General, Dies at 96

With his long silver beard and white braided uniform, former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop became one of the most recognizable figures of the Reagan era — and one of the most unexpectedly enduring.


Presidents often struggle in first debates

When President Obama steps onto the debate stage Wednesday night in Denver, he'll seek to avoid what might be called "incumbents opening debate syndrome." Presidents seeking re-election have often struggled in their first debates: Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush. Two of those wound up winning re-election anyway; two lost.


Jeb Bush Takes Aim at Fellow Republicans

Jeb Bush

Former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida said his father, George Bush, and Ronald Reagan would find themselves out of step with today’s Republican Party because of its strict adherence to ideology and the intensity of modern partisan warfare.

Senh: I'm glad someone in the Republican Party's calling the party out. Good for you Jeb. Now say it to John Boehner's face. Then you can run for president in 2016.


Controversial auction of Reagan blood vial canceled

The controversial auction of a vial that contained President Ronald Reagan’s blood has been halted, and the valuable glass tube is being donated to the former president’s foundation.


Auction claims it's selling vial with Reagan blood

Reagan Vial

A Channel Islands auction house says it's selling a vial that allegedly contains blood residue from Ronald Reagan - a move denounced Tuesday by the late U.S. president's family and his foundation....


Whose heroes? Obama constantly invokes GOP icons

President Barack Obama is embracing an unlikely group of political icons as he tries to paint Mitt Romney as extreme: He's praising Republican presidents from Abraham Lincoln to Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan....


Why The Reagan Recovery Was Much More Impressive Than Obama's

Sorry, but Obama's doesn't hold a candle. Let’s be perfectly clear, the Reagan Recovery (RR) has been far stronger than the Obama Recovery (OR)... But Brother Weisenthal is making a subtler, more subjective point. He is arguing that, for a number of reasons, the Obama Recovery is more impressive than the Reagan Recovery. Not stronger, more impressive because Obama was dealt a worse hand.


GOP group uses Clinton to attack Obama

A conservative group is running ads against President Obama by comparing him unfavorably with a predecessor. No, not Ronald Reagan. Bill Clinton.

Senh: Notice that they skipped George W. Bush...


Obama says Reagan raised debt ceiling 18 times; George W. Bush seven times

In a televised address to the nation on July 25, 2011, to discuss the pending deadline on the debt ceiling, President Barack Obama made his pitch for a "balanced" approach to reducing the deficit -- one that includes spending cuts as well as revenue increases from tax increases for wealthier Americans. With the debt ceiling issue caught in a political deadlock over how to reduce the deficit, Obama noted that raising the debt ceiling has been a relatively routine exercise for decades. "Understand –- raising the debt ceiling does not allow Congress to spend more money," Obama said.


Report: Yankees Owner George Steinbrenner Was FBI Informant

Report: Yankees Owner George Steinbrenner Was FBI Informant

The FBI released documents on Monday showing that New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner had actually worked for them as an informant, including giving his assistance in a terrorism investigation, before he was given a pardon by President Ronald Reagan for illegal campaign contributions.


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