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Rush Limbaugh claims ‘Dark Knight’ movie is liberal attack on Romney

Will the latest Hollywood blockbuster be the bane of Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign? Well, that might be going too far, but the villain in the new Batman movie probably won’t do Romney any favors.


Rush Limbaugh says Americans voted for Obama to prove they weren't racist

Rush Limbaugh claims that some Americans voted for President Obama just to prove to themselves they were not racist. Either Rush Limbaugh believes that Mitt Romeny's on a roll, or he's mad as hell at the political routing he may be sensing up ahead.


Limbaugh advertisers keep heading for the exits

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh's mouth is taking a bite out of his wallet. Nine advertisers and a radio station in Hawaii dropped his show after he called a law student a "slut" and a "prostitute." One of the most popular radio shows in the country on Monday lost advertisers including AOL Inc. and Tax Resolution Services Co.


Limbaugh apologizes to law student for insult

Rush Limbaugh

Radio host Rush Limbaugh has apologized to a Georgetown University law student for calling her insulting names. He had come under intense criticism from womens' groups, politicians from both political parties and some of the advertisers on his talk show.


Obama calls student as contraception fight takes nasty turn

President Barack Obama called a law student on Friday after she was branded a "slut" by right-wing talk show host Rush Limbaugh for her outspoken support of Obama's new policy on contraception.


Limbaugh Revives Bogus Attack That Obama Supports "Infanticide"

Right-wing media are turning to an old discredited smear to attack President Obama, reviving the bogus claim that while serving in the Illinois State Senate, Obama "voted for infanticide," as Rush Limbaugh put it. Limbaugh went on to claim on his radio show today that "Barack Obama voted to allow babies who survived an abortion to go ahead and be killed" ...


Giants bats erupt against Lee; win Game 1 vs. Rangers 11-7

Giants bats erupt against Lee; win Game 1 vs. Rangers 11-7

It was like seeing Bill Gates standing in the unemployment line or Rush Limbaugh shooting hoops with President Obama. The San Francisco Giants did the unimaginable Wednesday against the Texas Rangers in Game 1 of the World Series. They knocked the mystique and aura right out of burgeoning postseason legend Cliff Lee, cruising to an 11-7 victory in front of a frenzied crowd of 43,601 at AT&T Park.


Rush Limbaugh Backs Out of His Promise to Move to Costa Rica

Rush Limbaugh Backs Out of His Promise to Move to Costa Rica

On his radio show today Rush Limbaugh backed out of his promise to leave the country and move to Costa Rica if health care reform passed.


Actor with Down Syndrome Puts Palin in Her Place

In the wake of Palin's attack on Rahm Emmanual for using the term "***** retarded" (which Palin misrepresents as "f-ing retard"), she has repeatedly defended Rush Limbaugh's multiple uses of the word "retards" when referring to people he did not like as "satire."


Rush Limbaugh admitted to Honolulu hospital

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh is resting comfortably in a Hawaii hospital after suffering chest pains while on vacation, his radio program says....


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