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Samsung sets sights on corporate customers

Samsung went for commercial flash at the international Consumer Electronics Show this week with bendable screens, kitchen appliances controlled by smartphones and razor-thin televisions. But just as important was a less-glamorous announcement that the world’s largest smartphone maker is turning its attention to a new pocket of lucrative potential customers: corporations and government agencies.


Gadget Watch: Samsung lens flips from 2-D to 3-D

Cameras that can record in 3-D are usually pretty complicated, sporting two lenses instead of one, to mimic human binocular vision. Samsung says it has a more elegant solution: a single lens that can go from 2-D to 3-D mode with the flip of a switch.


Samsung unveils gesture-control TVs at gadget show

New TVs from Samsung will recognize an expanded range of gestures so people can swipe through on-screen menus in a way that revolutionizes the old remote control.


China fines LG, Samsung in flat panel price case

Chinese regulators have fined South Korean companies LG and Samsung and four Taiwanese companies on charges they fixed prices of flat panel screens sold to Chinese manufacturers.


Samsung seeks US ban on Ericsson

Samsung Electronics seeks a ban on the import and sales of some Ericsson products in the US which it claims infringe its patents.


Google Designing Phone to Rival Apple, Samsung

Motorola engineers working on a handset to be released next year, that parent Google hopes will provide more potent competition for devices like Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy phones.


Samsung Extends its Lead Over Apple

Samsung sold more than 97 million mobile phones in the third quarter, besting Apple’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) iPhone by more than 74 million units. According to Gartner (NYSE: IT), nearly 428 million mobile phones were sold during the quarter. Approximately 23.5 million of those phones were manufactured by Apple — 97.9 million were made by Samsung.


iPhone Falls to Galaxy S III as World's Most Popular Smartphone


Samsung may have lost big to Apple in the courtroom, but it’s just scored a victory in the marketplace. The Samsung Galaxy S III has stolen the title of the world’s most popular smartphone from the iPhone for the third quarter of 2012, according to data from Strategy Analytics.


Google's Nexus Trio: Nexus 4, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10 Announced with Android 4.2

Google Nexus Devices

Hurricane Sandy may have stopped Google's Android event, but it couldn't stop the Google website. There will be no swanky event in downtown New York City, but Google's Android team has taken to a blog post to announce the latest Android devices, including the long-rumored Nexus 4 phone made by LG and Nexus 10 tablet made by Samsung.


Samsung Expects to Sue Over iPhone 5

Samsung Electronics Co. said Thursday it anticipates accusing Apple Inc. of patent infringement over the iPhone 5, in a U.S. court case separate from the one that grabbed worldwide attention last month.


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