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Analysis: Stockton and San Bernardino, a tale of two bankruptcies

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Stockton and San Bernardino, the two California cities that have filed for bankruptcy protection, are both considered test cases in the epic battle over whether municipal bondholders or pensioners will absorb most of the pain when a government goes broke.


Bankrupt San Bernardino must cut spending by a third

San Bernardino must cut government spending by a third, almost assuredly resulting in widespread layoffs or pay reductions for city workers, as it prepares to officially file for bankruptcy protection, city officials said.


San Bernardino declares fiscal emergency ahead of bankruptcy filing

San Bernardino leaders' decision means the city could avoid months of state-mandated mediation as it seeks bankruptcy protection. The San Bernardino City Council on Wednesday declared a fiscal emergency, an acknowledgment that the city is nearly broke and a legal maneuver that will allow leaders to file for bankruptcy protection without going through months of state-mandated mediation.


Authorities probe bankruptcy-bound San Bernardino, Calif.

The Sheriff's Department said Thursday it was working with police and the district attorney's office to investigate possible criminal activity within the government of San Bernardino, where city officials voted this week to take the rare step of filing for bankruptcy.


San Bernardino files for bankruptcy protection

San Bernardino Bankrupt

The San Bernardino City Council votes to file for bankruptcy. Facing a $45-million budget shortfall and the prospect of not being able to pay city workers, the panel Tuesday voted to file municipal bankruptcy, the third California city to do so in recent weeks.


Woman seen pushing body parts in trash can

Woman seen pushing body parts in trash can

California authorities say a San Bernardino woman was arrested for investigation of murder after she was seen pushing a trash can with body parts inside.


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