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Public transportation hits 10.5B rides in 2012

Public Transportation - USA Today

A 2012 report by the National Conference of State Legislatures said that "affordability likely plays a role" in the growth of transit, noting "estimates are that an individual can save more than $10,000 a year by riding public transit instead of driving." That report also noted the growing popularity of public transportation, especially among Baby Boomers, empty-nesters and Millennials, who total about 150 million people.


Travel on the cheap: 5 times to go

If your passport is gathering dust and your suitcase desperately needs a workout, don't throw away thoughts of a thrilling vacation just because your wallet doesn't match your wanderlust.


Cheap book websites for students on a budget

As July melted into August, college towns around the country began to swell with incoming freshmen, returning students and faculty, and campus bookstores began to stock their shelves.


Americans put saving energy ahead of vacations

Gas Prices

As summer beckons, it seems Americans are thinking more about the stifling cost of energy than about making tracks to the beach....


9 Easy Ways to Save Money This Summer

Summer is officially here! Staying busy and active, taking trips, and cranking the AC can really do some damage to your pocketbook. Here are 9 easy ways to save this summer season.


Top 26 Home Energy Hogs; Turned 'Off'

The relentless rise of electricity prices over the past decade has made many consumers more conscientious about how they use electric power. Many of those conscientious people may find it frustrating - to put it mildly - that their daily or even hourly efforts to turn off devices they're not using hasn't delivered the results ...


9 tax tips to know during back-to-school season

Follows are nine tips that parents might want to keep in mind while toasting champagne glasses preparing for back to school.


Extreme Gas-Saving Tips For Labor Day Weekend

Jim Davidson, author of "75 Ways To Save Gas," is a petrol skinflint who doesn't like to waste even the vapor of a drop of gasoline he's paid for, let alone the drop.


3 ways to get more return on your savings

Today's seniors can't just stay in today's low-return fixed-income products because rates on money market accounts and CDs won't even keep up with inflation. But there are options.


Simple Hacks to Cut Your Cell Phone Bill in Half

Simple Hacks to Cut Your Cell Phone Bill in Half

How much do cell phones really cost? Here’s one indication: The average household pays $350 annually—solely for wireless taxes and fees.


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