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Climate change skepticism seeps into science classrooms

Global Warming

Some states have introduced education standards requiring teachers to defend the denial of man-made global warming. A national watchdog group says it will start monitoring classrooms.


In schools, self-esteem boosting is losing favor to rigor, finer-tuned praise


For decades, the prevailing wisdom in education was that high self-esteem would lead to high achievement. The theory led to an avalanche of daily affirmations, awards ceremonies and attendance certificates — but few, if any, academic gains.

Senh: I guess they're taking the tough love approach now.


Promise of No Child Left Behind falls short after 10 years

No Child Left Behind

The No Child Left Behind education law offered the promise of improved schools and better prepared students in a competitive world. Yet after a decade on the books, President George W. Bush's most hyped domestic accomplishment has become a symbol to many of federal overreach and Congress' inability to fix something that's clearly flawed.


7 teens charged with beating classmate unconscious

Seven central Florida teenagers were arrested after authorities said they punched and kicked a 13-year-old until she was unconscious while on a school bus.


Felony charges filed against UC and a UCLA chemistry professor after fatal laboratory fire

Lab Accidents

A research assistant was fatally burned when chemicals burst into flame. Her death three years ago has focused attention on safety issues. Felony charges have been filed against the University of California and a UCLA chemistry professor in connection with a laboratory fire that killed a staff research assistant three years ago. On Dec. 29, 2008, Sheharbano "Sheri" Sangji, 23, was severely burned over nearly half of her body when air-sensitive chemicals burst into flames during an experiment and ignited her clothing. Sangji, who was not wearing a protective lab coat, died 18 days later.


'Most wanted' fugitive spotted on school field trip

Donald Vasser

The Seattle School District is investigating how a fugitive from the law ended up on a school field trip Wednesday afternoon. A fellow parent recognized the man, Donald Vasser, from the TV show "Washington's Most Wanted," and police were called in.

Senh: Good thing a parent recognized him or something would have happened to one or more of those kids.


Teen Gets 21 Years In Jail For Shooting Gay Classmate

Teen Gets 21 Years In Jail For Shooting Gay Classmate

Brandon McInerney was sentenced to 21 years in jail on Monday for the 2008 brutal slaying of his gay classmate, Larry King. McInerney was 14 when he pulled a gun from his backpack and shot King, 15, twice in the back of the head, later claiming that he believed the boy was flirting with him.


State budget crisis may shorten school year by a week

California's economic recovery is so sluggish it will likely force automatic budget cuts that could shave up to a week off the school year, according to a report Wednesday from the legislative analyst's office.

Senh: I'm sure students are hoping this is true.


39 arrested at UC Berkeley Occupy camp

39 arrested at UC Berkeley Occupy camp

Dozens of protesters were arrested on the campus of UC Berkeley, where university police moved in to break up an Occupy Berkeley encampment.

Senh: You know it's just a matter of time before the Occupy movement gets to Berkeley. I'm surprised it's taken this long.


Well Blog: School Soda Bans Have Limited Impact, Study Says

Well Blog: School Soda Bans Have Limited Impact, Study Says

The study found that removing soda only prompted students to buy sports drinks and other sugar-laden beverages instead.

Senh: I agree with the people behind the study: you can't expect schools to do it all. You need to restrict it at home, and you need to educate kids for about the adverse health effects of drinking too much sugery drinks - oh yeah, and don't forget to exercise.


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