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Implantable Devices Could Detect And Halt Epileptic Seizures


Because epilepsy causes repeated, sudden seizures, people with the condition would benefit greatly from a therapy that can detect seizures just as they are starting or, eventually, predict them before they begin and prevent them from happening. A new generation of implantable devices is looking to pick up where medications—and even the VNS—often leave off, at least for people whose seizures routinely begin in one part of the brain (the seizure focus).


Mysterious ‘nodding syndrome’ affects many Ugandan children; experts seek cause

Most mornings, Michael Odongkara takes his daughter Nancy Lamwaka outside and ties her ankle to a mango tree. It’s not something he likes to do. But the disease that gives the 12-year-old violent seizures has so diminished her mental capacity that she no longer talks and often wanders off. Once, she was lost in the bush for three days.


'Breaking Dawn' birth scene causing seizures in the audience?

Apparently some of the fainting at screenings of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 1" isn't over the epic romance between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. Folks are allegedly having epileptic seizures. A report Friday said a California man and his girlfriend were watching the vampire love story when, during a particularly gory scene, he started convulsing.


Eagles DT Patterson has seizure; alert at hospital

Eagles defensive tackle Mike Patterson was alert, stable and joking at a hospital after suffering a seizure at training camp at Lehigh University, trainer Rick Burkholder said Wednesday....


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