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Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson hit catwalk for 'Zoolander 2'

Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson hit catwalk for 'Zoolander 2'

PARIS (AP) — To deafening cheers, Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller stormed the Valentino catwalk during Paris Fashion Week Tuesday in a headline-grabbing stunt to announce the decision to make 'Zoolander 2.

Senh: Ben Stiller's mining his past hits to try to regain his box office standing. Grossing $45M in 2001, "Zoolander" wasn't exactly a huge hit. It's often quoted, but I'm curious to see if its cult status will eventually translate into box office gold.


'Jurassic Park 4' Delayed

Jurassic Park 4 - MWB

We hope you weren't counting too heavily on Jurassic Park 4 making its projected summer 2014 release date, because it looks like Universal has gone back to the drawing least temporarily. The news, as it so often does these days, leaked via Twitter, where Digital Asset Manager Todd Smoyer and Concept Artist Dean Sherriff shared JP4's delay with varying degrees of unhappiness and/or panic. In Smoyer's words, "Hollywood makes and crushes dreams. Goodbye JP4." Sherriff was a little less visibly upset, simply tweeting, "Jp4 on hold."


'Ghostbusters 3' May Shoot Early Next Year

Ghostbusters 3 - MWB

Hey, it's an Ghostbusters 3 update, meaning someone asked Dan Aykroyd about the movie while he's out and about promoting that Crystal Head vodka of his. What's new? According to Aykroyd, the movie is shooting early next year. At least, he thinks so.


Disney Confirms 'Star Wars: Episode VII' on Target for 2015

Star Wars: Episode VII - MWB

Disney has been pretty slow to release official information about its slate of upcoming Star Wars sequels, but nobody gets out of CinemaCon without making a few big announcements, and this one's sort of a doozy, albeit in classically circumspect Mouse House fashion: Episode VII is indeed coming to theaters in 2015, with a new Star Wars-related film to follow every summer.


Tony Stark Goads the Mandarin in New 'Iron Man 3' Clip

Iron Man 3

Up 'til now, Marvel's been focusing on the grimmer aspects of Iron Man 3 -- including the epic whooping that Ol' Shell-Head's going to take from the Mandarin (Ben Kingsley). But as the latest clip Marvel's doled out makes clear, Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) can give as good as he gets.


'Finding Nemo' Sequel to Be Titled 'Finding Dory,' Arriving in Theaters November 2015

Finding Dory - MWB

Pixar's been keeping a pretty tight lid on the details for its upcoming Finding Nemo sequel, but as of today, we know a little bit more -- including the project's official title and release date. It sounds like Nemo won't be getting lost this time; instead, Dory, the friendly-but-forgetful fish voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, gets top honors in the aptly titled Finding Dory, due to arrive in theaters on November 25, 2015.


Sylvester Stallone Wants "Young Bloods" for 'Expendables 3'

Sylvester Stallone

Never one to abandon a franchise until he's slurped every molecule from its marrow, Sylvester Stallone is enthusiastically preparing for the inevitable Expendables 3 -- and because social media is the poorly spelled gift that keeps on giving when it comes to celebrity pronouncements, we have a few new tidbits about the next sequel, courtesy of Sly himself.


Disney working on standalone Star Wars movies

Star Wars fans have more than just Episodes 7, 8 and 9 to look forward to. Disney CEO Bob Iger said at the annual shareholders meeting in Phoenix on Wednesday that the company is developing "some standalone movies" featuring Star Wars characters.


Book buzz: Patti Smith plans 'Just Kids' sequel

More 'Kids': Rocker and best-selling writer Patti Smith says she will write a sequel to her National Book Award-winning 2010 memoir, Just Kids, which focused on her relationship with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. She tells Billboard magazine that the next book "is in more of the Just Kids vein and even in the similar time period, but shifts more to family, Fred (Smith, the MC5 guitarist and her late husband), music. So it's a different perspective."


Review: Loopy and brutal 'Universal Soldier 4' should make fans Van Damme happy

'Universal Soldier 4: Day Of Reckoning,' the sixth film in the franchise, features a dash of Dolph, a splash of Van Damme, and Scott Adkins, who deserves better.


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