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Finally Upgraded Sites to Use New Hardware from Linode Cloud: SSDs, Double RAM, Faster CPUs

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Around April, my VPS provider Linode announced that they’ve just finished a major $45M upgrade to their hardware and network, which means free upgrades for their existing users. The new hardware uses SSD RAID drives and faster CPUs. I hadn’t bothered because Wopular and Movies With Butter have been relatively stable.


Friday’s storms raise questions about safety of cloud computing

Storm-related outages at an Amazon data center in Ashburn prompted some congressional officials on Monday to question whether the federal government is moving too swiftly to put important data on private-sector cloud computing servers.


HP says Oracle violated contract, seeks billions

Oracle Corp violated a clear contract with Hewlett-Packard Co when it decided it would no longer make new versions of its database software compatible with HP's Itanium-based servers, a lawyer for HP said in court.


HP Loses Ground And Top Spot To IBM In Server Market

HP Loses Ground And Top Spot To IBM In Server Market

IBM led the worldwide server market in Q2 2011 with a 30.5% market share, topping HP which fell to the second position after its market share dropped to 29.8%, down 1.7 percentage points from Q1 2011.


Installing APC on Ubuntu 10.4 (Lucid)

I’m working on a new site using Drupal on a LAMP environment. One of the things I want to install is APC - Alternative PHP Cache - for opcode caching. When I did it with Wopular, I’ve noticed the effects immediately. Because the site crashed so often before using APC, I had to have a script to automatically reboot the server, fixed db errors, and reload the site whenever server resources are used up. It works, but sometimes I would end up with a corrupt database and had to spend hours to days fixing it or restoring it from a backup.


IBM Powers Up For Server War

IBM Powers Up For Server War

As the Oracle-Sun combo heats up hardware competition, IBM's Power7 servers aim to dominate.


The T-Mobile Sidekick Fiasco

The T-Mobile Sidekick Fiasco

The fiasco over the weekend with T-Mobile Sidekick and Danger, a subsidiary of Microsoft, struck a cord with me. If you haven't heard, their server that held nearly a million users' contacts, emails, photos, and appointments went kaput.


Apple said Building $1 billion Server Farm

A "state official" has told the Charlotte Observer that a bill nearing approval that would bend tax rules for a single, unnamed company are actually meant to accommodate a specific Apple project, which might otherwise be located in another state. The deal would give the tax breaks to companies with a minority market share in North Carolina, but.....


All Systems Are Go

Looks like I got all (or most) of the kinks worked out. The site's been pretty stable for the last couple of days. Yeah, I know, it's ONLY a couple days. Compared to crashing every couple hours (or completely out), I'll take that as very good news.


Silicon Graphics Seeks Chapter 11

Silicon Graphics filed for bankruptcy-court protection and agreed to sell its business to server provider Rackable Systems for $25 million.


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