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Cable networks are TV's biggest stars


Technology and competitive advantages have been game-changers for premium-tier outfits such as HBO and Showtime and basic-cable's FX and AMC. Showtime's terrorism thriller "Homeland" has nearly everything: big-name stars, glossy production values and a surprising triple Emmy sweep last week.


TV Column: Showtime to end ‘Weeds’

When actors in key roles on a long-running TV series with dwindling ratings (say, Justin Kirk on Showtime’s aged “Weeds”) get cast in starring roles in new TV series (say, NBC’s new comedy “Animal Practice”), it’s usually a good indication that the long-running series is about to, you know, end its long run.


Colin Hanks' 'Dexter' Role Revealed

On Tuesday, it was announced that Colin Hanks would take a trip to Miami and enter the always dangerous orbit of blood splatter expert/serial killer/good guy Dexter Morgan. Now, his role on the Showtime hit has been revealed.


Showtime to Remove Some Shows From Netflix

CBS's Showtime plans to remove some of its original programming from Netflix's online video service, which is becoming more of a competitive threat to pay-TV.


Dexter: Oh My God, They Killed...

Dexter: Oh My God, They Killed...

Wow. Anyone else feel as if your stomach catapulted out of your mouth while watching tonight's fourth season finale of Showtime's Dexter? It was...horrifying. To say the least.


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