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Separate adoptive siblings 'for own benefit'


Brothers and sisters facing adoption should in some cases be split up for their own benefit, the government's adoption adviser has said. Martin Narey said the presumption that siblings are kept together can sometimes "disadvantage children".


Autistic kids' siblings more likely to share condition than thought

Siblings of kids with autism have a higher risk of being diagnosed with the disorder than previously believed, suggests a new study.


Sen. Edward M. Kennedy laid to rest near brothers

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy laid to rest near brothers

As a soft twilight fell over the nation's capital, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy was laid to his final rest Saturday in a ceremony on a sloping site in Arlington National Cemetery.


Long-lost brother found living across street

For years, Candace Eloph searched for her half-brother, who was given up for adoption in 1977.


Russian Brothers Kill, Cannibalize Older Sibling

Two men have reportedly admitted killing their elder brother and eating parts of his body which they kept in the fridge for months.


Sisters Will Be Buried With Brother Who Killed Them

Two Massachusetts sisters will be buried with the brother who killed them with a kitchen knife.


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