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Death toll rises to 16 in Angola stampede

The death toll from a New Year's Eve stampede at a religious gathering in the Angolan capital Luanda has risen to 16, the state-owned daily newspaper Jornal de Angola reported Wednesday.


About 60 crushed to death in Ivory Coast stadium stampede

About 60 people were crushed to death in Ivory Coast's main city of Abidjan overnight after a New Year's Eve fireworks display, an emergency official and state radio said on Tuesday.


Fourteen killed in stampede at Indian Hindu festival

At least 14 people were killed on Monday and many more were injured in a stampede during a Hindu festival in the Indian city of Patna, police said. Among the casualties were many children and women, who had come to the banks of the River Ganges in the eastern Indian state of Bihar to enjoy Chhath, the biggest Hindu festival in the state.


Holiday shopping forecast: Stronger, and predictably crazy

Some day in the future, anthropologists may be able to explain the bizarre shopping rituals of the 21st Century American consumer during the holiday season: Why, for example, so many people look for bargains on one day – Black Friday – when with a little work bargains can be found on the other 364. Or why they stand in midnight lines in bleak winter weather only to risk stampedes and fight each other for cheap gifts.


Gunmen sprayed frat party after ejection

Gunmen sprayed frat party after ejection

Partygoers stampeded to escape gunfire that killed one college student and wounded 11 people at an Ohio fraternity house, authorities said Monday as they searched for a motive in the weekend shooting. Jamail E. Johnson, 25, a senior at Youngstown State University, was shot to death early Sunday as he tried to separate two groups at an Omega Psi Phi fraternity house party. Authorities say there had been a dispute, two men had left the house and then returned and sprayed bullets into the crowd. Among the injured was a critically wounded 17-year-old.


Over 330 die in stampede at Cambodian festival

Over 330 die in stampede at Cambodian festival

Thousands of Cambodians celebrating a water festival on an island in a river in the capital stampeded Monday night, leaving more than 330 people dead and hundreds injured. Some in the panicky crowd who tried to flee over a bridge were crushed underfoot or fell over its sides into the water....


Files seized in Love Parade probe

Files seized in Love Parade probe

German prosecutors probing the Love Parade stampede that killed 19 people in Duisburg examine the event organisers' files.


Love Parade permanently canceled after 19 killed in panic

The death toll rose to 19 on Sunday and police said that 342 had been injured in a panicked crush of partygoers in an overcrowded tunnel that served as the sole entrance to a German festival billed as the world's largest techno music party.

Senh: Whenever there's a super huge crowd, it's scary, especially during parties in a confined area. Whenever something happens, there's really no escape.


Startled carriage horses bolt during Iowa July Fourth parade, killing 1 and injuring 23

Sandie Crilly was helping her 8-year-old son, 12-year-old niece and 2-year-old granddaughter pick up Tootsie Rolls from the ground during Bellevue's annual Fourth of July parade when someone yelled to get out of the way.


63 die, dozens injured in Indian temple stampede

63 die, dozens injured in Indian temple stampede

A stampede broke out at a Hindu temple in northern India on Thursday as thousands of people jostled one another to get free clothes and food, leaving at least 63 people dead and dozens more injured, officials said.


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