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Exec threatens to make Fox pay-TV-only channel if Aereo goes on

American Idol - Fox News

A top executive with the owner of the Fox broadcast network on Monday threatened to convert the network to a pay-TV-only channel if Internet startup Aereo Inc. continues to "steal" Fox's over-the-air signal and sell it to consumers without paying for rights.


CourseSmart E-Textbooks Track Students’ Progress for Teachers

CourseSmart - NY Times

Educators from nine universities are testing technology from a Silicon Valley start-up, CourseSmart, that allows them to track their students’ progress with digital textbooks.


Marissa Mayer makes first Yahoo acquisition, Justin Bieber-backed mobile app Stamped

Yahoo (YHOO) announced its first acquisition under CEO Marissa Mayer on Thursday, a New York-based mobile startup named Stamped that was founded by two former Google (GOOG) employees and received financing from celebrities including Justin Bieber.

Senh: Dang, Mayer's really using her Google connections.


A New Tech Generation Defies the Odds in Japan

Japanese Startups

While Japan’s aging technology giants continue to falter, Japanese entrepreneurs are forming start-ups despite difficulties with financing and a culture that discourages risk-taking. to Buy GoInstant is expected to buy start-up GoInstant for more than $70 million, as the big provider of online business software beefs up its customer-service offerings.


At ‘Hacker Hostels,’ Living on the Cheap and Dreaming of Digital Glory

Sleep next to heaps of laundry; eat ham out of the package; work till 3 in the morning. Such is life at “hacker hostels,” where young digerati network and keep their expenses down.


Let’s just agree the bubble has burst

Facebook’s post-IPO performance has been poor. But is it so poor that it will hurt the prospects for other startups? The short answer: Almost certainly.


In a Long Distance Relationship? This App Is for You

Oleg Kostour moved from Canada to Mountain View to build a 3D software startup. Instead, he built an app to stay in touch with the girlfriend he left behind in Canada. The iPhone app, Pair, launched in the app store this week. It creates a private shared timeline for couples that allows them to easily swap SMS messages, photos, videos and locations.


With Zynga IPO Looming, CEO Mark Pincus Wants Employees To Return Stock

With Zynga IPO Looming, CEO Mark Pincus Wants Employees To Return Stock

Zynga CEO Mark Pincus wants some of the online game company's early employees to give back stock they own ahead of the company's initial public offering of stock, according to a published report Thursday. The Wall Street Journal said that Pincus, who gave out stock freely to keep top talent early on, developed "giver's remorse."

Senh: There's nothing much you can do about that. They got in early and contributed when it counted most. It's not fair to current employees of Zynga, but they're also not risking as much as the early group of people.


MC Hammer launching a search engine

MC Hammer launching a search engine

You can't Google this. OK, maybe you can. But MC Hammer doesn't want you to. The venerable rapper, who helped usher hip-hop into the pop mainstream in the early '90s, has rolled out a search engine he hopes will outperform Google, Bing and other established tools.

Senh: It's interesting only because MC Hammer is involved. I doubt the site has any real potential, but if he focuses on entertainment, he might be able to carve out a niche. WireDoo is not the first search engine to show related topics to keyword searches: Bing already does it, and Ask did it before Bing. Still, when it launches, I'll check it out.


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