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California High School Principal Orders Student to Delete Video of Teacher Stealing

A high school student in California who caught her gym teacher on video rummaging through student’s belongings, possibly stealing items, took the video to the principal in the hopes he would take action.


Bookkeeper gets almost 20 years for stealing $53M from Ill. town

Rita Crundwell

A former bookkeeper for a cash-strapped Illinois town, who admitted embezzling $53 million to finance a lavish lifestyle centered on prize-winning horses, was sentenced Thursday to almost 20 years in prison.


'Smelled so good': Man allegedly steals pot from police

A man in Pennsylvania who was arrested Saturday for allegedly stealing a bag of marijuana from a police station says he did so because he couldn’t resist the drug’s aroma.


New York Archdiocese Bookkeeper Accused of Stealing $1 Million

A woman who had worked for the Archdiocese of New York in its finance offices was accused of writing checks for nonexistent services and channeling the money to herself.


‘Snatch-and-grab’ robberies of electronic devices up in Metro

‘Snatch-and-grab’ robberies of electronic devices up in Metro

Judge Stephen G. Milliken was waiting at the Gallery Place Metro station for a train Thursday morning when a youth snacked his iPhone from his hand. The D.C. Superior Court judge isn’t alone in having his electronic device stolen. Metro Transit Police said they’ve seen a spike in “snatch-and-grab” robberies of iPhones and similar devices. “We’ve had a great increase in the snatching of iPhones and iPads over the last couple of years, not just here but in transit systems across the country,” Metro Transit Police Chief Michael Taborn said.


Software maker files $2.2-billion suit alleging piracy in China

Software maker files $2.2-billion suit alleging piracy in China

A Santa Barbara software maker has filed a $2.2-billion lawsuit against China, two Chinese software companies and seven computer manufacturers, accusing them of conspiring to steal and disseminate Internet filtering technology.


WTF: Kids set another kid on fire over a bike

Think you have it bad? After stopping another kid from stealing his father's bike, 15 year old Michael Brewer was doused with flammable liquid and set on fire. Yeah, you just read that.


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