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Why do art thieves steal paintings they can’t sell?

On Tuesday, the art world reeled after the theft of seven valuable paintings from the Kunsthal gallery in Rotterdam. Before dawn, thieves broke into the museum and, in five minutes, made off with famous works by the likes of Picasso, Monet and Matisse.


Picasso, Monets stolen in Dutch heist

Stolen Art

Thieves broke into a Rotterdam museum on Tuesday and walked off with works from the likes of Picasso, Monet, Gauguin and Matisse potentially worth hundreds of millions....


Flea-market Renoir allegedly was stolen from Baltimore museum; auction canceled


The lore of the landscape was as irresistible to its owner as its beautiful brush strokes: Renoir had painted it, Baltimore collector Saidie May said, for his mistress on a linen napkin at a Paris restaurant along the Seine.


Stolen Salvador Dali painting returned

A Salvador Dali painting stolen from a Manhattan art gallery last week has apparently been returned to the United States, New York police said.


Picasso stolen from Greek gallery

A Picasso painting, given to the Athens National Gallery by the artist himself, has been stolen along with two other valuable works.


2 stolen Picassos found in Serbia

BELGRADE, Serbia - Serbia's interior minister says two Pablo Picasso paintings owned by a German museum and stolen from a Swiss exhibition have been found in Belgrade.


Stolen Rembrandt sketch found in church

A sketch done by Dutch painter Rembrandt was taken by thieves from under the nose of distracted curator, but authorities say they have now recovered the artwork.


Thieves steal Rembrandt drawing from Marina del Rey hotel

Thieves steal Rembrandt drawing from Marina del Rey hotel

A 11-by-6-inch pen-and-ink drawing titled 'The Judgment' by the 17th century Dutch master is valued at more than $250,000. Authorities say a man working with accomplices is believed responsible for the theft late Saturday.


$1M Superman comic stolen from Cage is found

Los Angeles police say a rare comic featuring the debut of Superman that re-surfaced last week is the same one stolen from Nicolas Cage more than a decade ago.


Thieves in Spain rob art van, including Picasso

Thieves in Spain rob art van, including Picasso

Three hooded thieves stole a truck containing 28 pieces of art including works by Picasso, Colombian artist Fernando Botero and Spanish sculptor Eduardo Chillida, Spanish police said Thursday.


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