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Sleep deprivation has genetic consequences, study finds

Researchers say a lack of sleep affects the function of genes related to stress and cell renewal, possibly contributing to poor health. Doctors know that being chronically sleep-deprived can be hazardous to your health.


Believing you're stressed is making you even more stressed


As if being stressed weren't bad enough, thinking you're stressed might also cause serious problems.


Pull off Thanksgiving with less stress


No matter how much you plan ahead, feeding your extended family--bottomless teenage nephews, out-of-town uncles, and wild munchkins included--is going to be a massive undertaking.


Women’s brains may age prematurely, possibly because of stress


Even though women live longer than men, their brains seem to age faster. The reason? Possibly a more stressful life. As people age, some genes become more active while others become less so. In the brain, these changes can be observed through the transcriptome, a set of RNA molecules that indicate the activity of genes within a population of cells.


Make or break? Travel tests love life

Travel Stress on Relationships

One high-stress trip can result in a relationship flameout or the discovery of true love.


All that stress may be shrinking your brain

Everyone knows stress can cause headaches and sleepless nights. But a new study suggests it can actually shrink your brain.


Baboon Study Shows Benefits for Nice Guys, Who Finish 2nd

Alpha males may hold power and attract females, but a study of baboon troops in Kenya shows they also have very high levels of stress.


AP analysis: Economic stress drops to 3-month low

AP analysis: Economic stress drops to 3-month low

Lower unemployment, bankruptcies and foreclosures in March reduced the nation's economic stress to its lowest point this year, according to The Associated Press' monthly analysis of conditions around the country.


Stress hormone heart death link

Stress hormone heart death link

High levels of the stress hormone cortisol are closely linked to death from cardiovascular disease, a Dutch study has found.


Kissing a kid's owies may aid long-term health

A loving mother who kisses her child's boo-boos can help calm the stress hormones that can lead to chronic illness, a new study suggests


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