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Study: Fish in drug-tainted water suffer reaction

What happens to fish that swim in waters tainted by traces of drugs that people take? When it's an anti-anxiety drug, they become hyper, anti-social and aggressive, a study found.


Folic acid in pregnancy may reduce autism risk

Autism & Pregnancy

Women who take folic acid supplements before becoming pregnant, as well as early in pregnancy, may reduce the risk of having a child with an autism spectrum disorder, according to a new study.


More Americans convinced of climate change, poll finds

50% say definitely, 34% say probably in Duke University online survey.


Google's Online Ad Results Guilty Of Racial Profiling, According To New Study

Every job candidate lives in fear that a Google search could reveal incriminating indiscretions from a distant past. But a new study examining racial bias in the wording of online ads suggests that Google's advertising algorithms may be unfairly associating some individuals with wrongdoing they didn’t commit.


Kids are three clicks away from adult content on YouTube, study says

A child watching videos on YouTube is an average of three clicks away from potentially disturbing adult content, according to a recent study released by British digital security firm Kaspersky Lab.


Do you suffer from Facebook fatigue? You're not alone, study finds

Many of us know Facebook users who are on the site seemingly 24/7, but we also know others who sometimes feel Facebook fatigue, and who have stepped away from the social network to clear their heads. Now a new study says that 61 percent of Facebook users say they've taken such breaks for several weeks or longer in the past.


U.S. Voting Flaws Are Widespread, Study Shows

Problems in the election system extend beyond isolated voting issues in a few locations, according to a study from the Pew Charitable Trusts.


NFL players union funding $100M study on injury

The union that represents U.S. professional football players has given Harvard University a $100 million grant for a study of the range of health problems, from brain damage to heart conditions, that affect current and former players.


Feces transplant may help relieve severe diarrhea: study

It may sound like the most unappealing treatment available, but a European study has concluded that inserting fecal material from a healthy person into the gut of somebody with severe diarrhea may cure their problem better than antibiotics.


Some With Autism Diagnosis Can Recover, Study Finds

A new study suggests that some people who have received an autism diagnosis are able to improve significantly and not qualify for the diagnosis later in life.


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