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Nearest Sun-like star has planets


Astronomers trawling through a mess of stellar data discover that Tau Ceti, our nearest single Sun-like star, hosts five planets - one in its "habitable zone".


'Extreme' solar flare erupts, looks like storm is headed to Earth

Solar Storm

A heavy-duty solar flare erupted on the surface of the sun midmorning Thursday, and it appeared from early data that a solar storm from the X-class eruption was headed toward Earth.


Watch Venus cross sun for last time in your life

Venus Crossing the Sun

Contact! For the last time in 105 years, Earthlings are watching the planet Venus creep across the surface of the sun during a scientifically significant transit that lasts almost seven hours.


Where and when you can watch Venus transit the sun


It's your last chance to catch one of the rarest cosmic spectacles - Venus slowly crossing the face of the sun. Weather permitting, the transit of Venus will be visible from much of Earth - Tuesday from the Western Hemisphere and Wednesday from the Eastern Hemisphere. This sight won't come again until 105 years from now - in 2117....

Senh: DO NOT look directly at the sun. Read the article for the right gear.


To Watch Venus Slide Across Sun, a City Full of Vantage Points

A number of groups were setting up viewing sites in New York for the transit of Venus, an astronomical event that occurs in pairs about once every century.


Venus takes center stage in upcoming rare sky show

It's a spectacle that won't repeat for another century - the sight of Venus slowly inching across the face of the sun....


'Ring of Fire' eclipse visible from China to Texas

Sunrises and sunsets often dazzle, but they'll have a special ring to them in a few days for people in the western United States and eastern Asia: The moon will slide across the sun, blocking everything but a blazing halo of light....


Alien Sun Has Record 9 Planets

A star already known to host five alien planets may actually be home to a whopping nine full-fledged worlds - a planetary arrangement that, if confirmed, would outnumber our own solar system and set a new record for the most populated system of extrasolar planets yet found.


Solar storm is a bit of a dud -- but wait, there's more to come

Solar Storm

At about 5:45 a.m. Eastern time Thursday, the geomagnetic storm from a massive solar flare that rippled the surface of the sun on Tuesday night finally reached the Earth's atmosphere. The Facebook page for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NWS Space Weather Prediction Center made the announcement. But so far, the storm has been a bit of a dud.


Solar storm headed toward Earth may disrupt power

Solar Storm

An impressive solar flare is heading toward Earth and could disrupt power grids, GPS and airplane flights....


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