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'Battleship' Wins Super Bowl 46

Battleship Super Bowl Trailer

Battleship was the first movie trailer out of the gate during Super Bowl 46 but it sets the bar high from the get go. At 1 minute long, the Battleship trailer transformed me from a skeptic into a believer. The movie has transforming robots (and who doesn't like transforming robots?), alien creatures, and promises of mass mayhem all in the name of entertainment. Earth's only hope against these alien invaders and superior technology is this lone battleship and her crew somewhere out in the big blue sea.


Disney Teases Super Bowl Trailers for 'The Avengers' and 'John Carter'

The Avengers

It looks like studios using short teasers to promote the trailer is becoming a trend, and they are here to stay. I first noticed this when Fox released three slight different short teasers (over three days!) to inform us that the Prometheus trailer is coming out. Of course, like a starving person with our first meal in days, we gobbled that up and spilled much digital ink about those teasers, dissecting them until there's really nothing left to say. And we liked it. It's the prequel to Alien, after all.


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