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U.S. Plans Base for Surveillance Drones in Northwest Africa

The military’s Africa Command is making preparations to install unarmed drones as Islamist extremist groups are seen as posing a growing menace to the region.


Senate approves measure to renew controversial surveillance authority

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Congress approved a measure Friday that would renew expansive U.S. surveillance authority for five more years, rejecting objections from senators who are concerned the legislation does not adequately protect Americans’ privacy.


Mobile Phone Surveillance Out of Control: Cops Collected 1.3 Million Customer Records

Mobile Surveillance

Federal, state, and local law enforcement requested about 1.3 million cell phone records from wireless carriers in 2011. It's the first time cell phone carriers have reported on the staggering surveillance numbers. Millions of innocent Americans are having their privacy invaded via the dragnet requests.


Software Helps Parents Monitor Their Children Online

An array of surveillance software now exists to let parents keep tabs on their children’s activities online, raising questions about appropriate parenting.


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