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Long Beach police to use 400 cameras citywide to fight crime

Tapping into hundreds of privately owned cameras, the system synchronizes law enforcement data with real-time video feeds from parks, beaches and business corridors. Long Beach police now have eyes everywhere.


Smartphone 'surveillance' app row

Carrier IQ threatens and then drops legal action against a developer who claimed that the company's code could be used to monitor smartphones.


Video: Reservoir drained after man pees in water

A portion of a Portland, Ore., reservoir, which supplies drinking water to the city, was drained after a 21-year-old man was caught on surveillance video urinating in the water. The incident will cost tax payers more than $30,000.


Do Surveillance Cameras Cut Crime?

A study out of N.Y.U. questions how much surveillance cameras deter crimes, though law enforcement uses video footage to solve them.


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