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Spain's ruling party to probe alleged corruption

Spain's governing Popular Party announced Saturday that it will investigate the financial activities of a former treasurer whom a court said had amassed an unexplained €22 million ($29 million) in Swiss bank accounts.


Threatened by isolation, Switzerland lifting veil on secret bank accounts

Swiss Banks

For decades, Switzerland was the place where money went to hide. Cash sent to its mountain aeries was protected by some of the strictest secrecy laws in the world.


Ex-banker says he's giving Wikileaks files on rich

Ex-banker says he's giving Wikileaks files on rich

A former Swiss banker on Monday supplied documents to WikiLeaks that he alleges detail attempts by wealthy business leaders and lawmakers to evade tax payments.


Swiss cut off bank account for WikiLeaks' Assange

The Swiss postal system stripped WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange of a key fundraising tool Monday, accusing him of lying and immediately shutting down one of his bank accounts.


Man linked to stolen bank data found dead in Swiss prison

A man held in connection with client data stolen from a bank and sold to German tax authorities has been found dead in prison, Swiss authorities said on Friday.


Greenberg sells AIG stock to UBS for $278 million

The former chief executive of American International Group Inc, Maurice "Hank" Greenberg, reached a deal to sell most of the shares he holds in the insurer to a unit of Swiss bank UBS.


I.R.S. Releases Criteria to Get Names in UBS Case

I.R.S. Releases Criteria to Get Names in UBS Case

The Internal Revenue Service on Tuesday disclosed the criteria being used by the Swiss banking giant UBS to select names of American clients that will be turned over to the agency as part of a settlement of a tax evasion case.


UBS registered mail warns U.S. clients on tax: report

Swiss bank UBS AG warned U.S. customers by registered mail their account details may be given to U.S. tax authorities, a method that could itself breach secrecy laws, a Swiss paper said on Sunday.


UBS Bank Accounts: More Than 7,500 Americans Come Forward About Secret Foreign Accounts

Faced with a Thursday midnight deadline to avoid possible prosecution, more than 7,500 Americans have come clean about secret foreign bank accounts, a senior IRS official said in an interview for broadcast tonight on "ABC World News with Charles Gibson."


Switzerland's Last Day As A Tax Haven

Switzerland's Last Day As A Tax Haven

OECD confirms the country will go off their grey list following the signing of a 12th agreement on Thursday.


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