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U.S. believes Syria used chemicals

Syrian War - CNN

The United States has evidence that the chemical weapon sarin has been used in Syria on a small scale, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Thursday. But numerous questions remain about the origins of the chemicals and what impact their apparent use could have on the ongoing Syrian civil war and international involvement in it.


Israel says Syria used chemical arms, probably nerve gas

Syria - Reuters

Syrian government forces have used chemical weapons - probably nerve gas - in their fight against rebels waging a two-year-old uprising, the Israeli military's top intelligence analyst said on Tuesday.


"We are broke," U.N. says as Syria refugee funds dry up

The United Nations gave its starkest warning yet on Friday that it would soon run out of cash to cope with the vast influx of Syrian refugees into Jordan and other neighboring countries.


Rebels claim to take key city in southern Syria

Rebels took control of the city of Dael in southern Syria on Friday, according to activists and rebel fighters, a notable victory for the opposition in a conflict that has left at least 70,000 Syrians dead.


Syrian rebels ask US to shoot down Assad's warplanes with Patriot missiles

Syrian Rebels

A Syrian opposition leader said Tuesday that he had asked the United States to defend rebel-held areas with Patriot missiles. NATO already has Patriot surface-to-air missile batteries in NATO-member Turkey to help defend the country from potential airstrikes by President Bashar Assad's regime.


U.N. to Investigate Chemical Weapons Accusations in Syria

An inquiry will begin “as soon as practically possible” over allegations that the weapons were used in Aleppo Province, said the Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.


Syria, rebels trade chem attack claims

The specter of chemical weapons attacks in the Syrian civil war emerged Tuesday, with the government and rebels each blaming the other for using such munitions.


'Human river' of Syria refugees hits 1 million - UN

Syrian Refugees

The number of refugees fleeing Syria has hit a million – nearly 5 percent of the population – as the U.K. announced it planned to send armored vehicles to rebels fighting President Assad.


U.S. Pledges $60 Million to Syrian Opposition

John Kerry

The United States said on Thursday that it would provide an additional $60 million in non-lethal assistance to help the Syrian opposition provide basic services in areas they control.


US, allies planning direct aid to Syrian rebels

In a policy shift, the United States is planning to channel aid directly to selected groups of the Syrian opposition, senior White House officials told NBC News.


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