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Software glitch delays 660,000 tax refunds

The Internal Revenue Service says 660,000 taxpayers will have their refunds delayed by up to six weeks because of a problem with the software they used to file their tax returns.


ID theft investigation stops $1.4B in tax refunds

A U.S. government crackdown on suspected identity thieves filing false tax returns stopped $1.4 billion in bad refunds from being sent out in calendar 2011, the tax-collecting Internal Revenue Service said on Tuesday.


The IRS may have a 2007 refund for you

Life Inc.: The Internal Revenue Service said this week that it may have as much as $1.1 billion in refunds for people who did not file a tax return in 2007.

Senh: 2007? Who's gonna remember?


Average tax refund jumps by 10%

Average tax refund jumps by 10%

Many Americans will see a bigger check from the IRS this year, thanks to a boost in tax benefits.


Do-it-yourself taxes vs. the CPA

After turning to a professional, one taxpayer went from owing thousands to getting a big refund.


California revenue jumps, tax refunds should be paid on time

California revenue jumps, tax refunds should be paid on time

California's revenue in February was $480 million or 8.7 percent above the estimate in Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's state budget plan, so tax refunds should be paid on time, State Controller John Chiang said on Wednesday.


Madoff Victims Receiving IRS Refunds

The Internal Revenue Service has begun sending refund checks to investors who paid taxes on money they thought they had made before the multibillion-dollar fraud was revealed.


7 great tax refund vacations

7 great tax refund vacations

If the IRS cuts you a check, a vacation may suddenly seem doable. Get inspired by our seven fully itemized, long-weekend itineraries, starting at $895 for a family's complete expenses. That's far less than the average tax refund of about $2,700.


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