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Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky is endorsing a pathway to citizenship for the nation's 11 million illegal immigrants, a si

Rand Paul

Republican Sen. Rand Paul said Tuesday that illegal immigrants should be allowed to become U.S. taxpayers and ultimately get a shot at citizenship, a significant step for the Tea Party favorite amid growing Republican acceptance of the idea.


GOP senators are treading carefully with tea party

Twice burned, Republicans are treading carefully around tea party groups as they pursue a Senate majority that slipped through their fingers in 2010 and 2012....


Tea Party, Its Clout Diminished, Turns to Fringe Issues

The November election significantly weakened the once-surging movement, and its activists have not been front and center in the fiscal debate consuming Washington.


Tea Party US senator DeMint quits

Jim DeMint

US Republican senator and Tea Party champion Jim DeMint is resigning to lead a conservative think tank. His office said the South Carolina politician would become president of the Heritage Foundation next month.


Tea Party group chief quits, cites internal split

Dick Armey

Eased out with an $8 million payout provided by an influential Republican fundraiser, former GOP House Majority Leader Dick Armey says he has left the conservative tea party group FreedomWorks because of an internal split over the group's future direction.


Tea Party Seeks to Regroup

Saxby Chambliss

The tea-party movement is trying to regroup after taking some licks in this month's elections. Several groups already are setting their sights on 2014 congressional races, in which they plan to promote their preferred candidates and hope to weed out Republicans they consider insufficiently conservative.


Tea party groups work to remove names from Ohio voter rolls

Activists say they're challenging some names to ensure 'election integrity.' Others say it's an effort to suppress the votes of likely Obama supporters. Lori Monroe, a 40-year-old Democrat who lives in central Ohio, was startled a few weeks ago to open a letter that said a stranger was challenging her right to vote in the presidential election.


The Caucus: Ryan Brings the Tea Party to the Ticket

Paul Ryan's ascendency to No. 2 spot on the Republican ticket is a signal event for a movement that counts him as one of their own. If Mitt Romney wins in November, a Tea Party favorite will be a heartbeat from the Oval Office.


A pumped up tea party forges on

While most tea partiers are angered about the Supreme Court's landmark decision on the nation's health care law, don't expect them to rally around Mitt Romney.


Tea party upstart Mourdock defeats longtime Indiana Sen. Lugar

Richard Mourdock has defeated longtime Sen. Richard G. Lugar of Indiana in the Republican primary, according to an Associated Press projection, ending the career of one of the Senate’s most pragmatic politicians and casting a cloud over GOP efforts to win control of the chamber.

Senh: I guess the Tea Party is still alive and well.


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