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Tornado sirens giving way to new warning technology

Tornado Sirens - USA Today

On April 10, 2011, tornadoes ripped across Wisconsin, tearing roofs off houses, toppling trees and snapping power lines. In many places, the high winds were greeted with silence as some Cold War-era warning sirens failed because of lost power and other issues — just when they were needed the most.


Wild weather: Floods, snow, tornadoes hit central USA

Rain - USA Today

Middle America was overwhelmed by weather Thursday, with snow in the north, tornadoes in the Plains, and torrential rains that caused floods and transportation woes - and a sinkhole in Chicago.


Strong storms march toward East Coast after killing 3 and tearing apart homes

Tornado - NBC News

A vast storm system that spawned tornadoes and killed three people marched toward the East Coast on Friday, delivering spring snow and ice to New England and promising to drench some of the country’s most populous cities. On Thursday, storms tore through the Great Plains, Midwest and South.


Deadly tornado hits Mississippi as storm system stretches across East

A destructive storm system draped itself across half the country Thursday, from the Gulf Coast to Canada and with a wingspan from Maine to the Dakotas.


Tornado hits college campus in Mississippi


Emergency officials in Mississippi are assessing damage after a tornado ripped through a populated area near the University of Southern Mississippi.


Deadly storms wreak havoc in US

Overturned Truck

A massive storm system brings mayhem to a swathe of the US South, leaving two people dead and thousands of households without electricity. One person died when an apparent twister hit the state of Georgia, overturning cars on a motorway.


Snowstorm heads east after South twisters; 3 dead

Snow Storm

An enormous storm system that dumped snow and sleet on the nation's midsection and unleashed damaging tornadoes around the Deep South has begun punching its way toward the Northeast, slowing holiday travel.


Watch fire-nado stretch into the sky

Fire Tornado

The rising hot air from a fire in Australia make flames rise up like a tornado.



Tornado strikes beachfront neighborhood in NYC

NYC Tornado

A tornado swept out of the sea and hit a beachfront neighborhood in New York City on Saturday, hurling debris in the air, knocking out power and startling residents who once thought of twisters as a Midwestern phenomenon.


3 tornadoes reported in southeast Colorado

Authorities are investigating reports of damage to some homes from three early-morning tornadoes.


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