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Twisters kill 5 in Oklahoma; tear through Kansas, Iowa


More than 200 emergency officials descended on a small Oklahoma town Sunday to help conduct door-to-door searches -- and make sure the death toll from suspected tornadoes didn't grow.


Millions in Plains brace for storms

More than 5 million residents in the southern and central Plains braced for a predicted outbreak of strong to violent tornadoes.


'Tremendous damage' as tornadoes hit suburban Dallas

Dallas Tornadoes

Live video showed a huge tornado blasting through suburbs of Dallas, throwing 18-wheel trailers like toys as power lines exploded in a shower of sparks.


Tornado alerts follow flooding in central US

A storm system that dumped up to a foot of rain in parts of Louisiana, causing isolated flash flooding, is now threatening to spawn tornadoes there and in Mississippi.


Indiana mom loses legs after saving her children from tornado

An Indiana mom who saved her children's lives by shielding them with her own body during a tornado has lost parts of both of her legs. 36-year-old Stephanie Decker said in an interview with Fox59 that she picked her children, 8-year-old Dominic and 5-year-old Reese, up early from school when she heard the storm was approaching. They were in the family's basement when the storm hit.


Indiana Police Lower Tornado Death Toll To 12

Officials in Indiana have lowered the state's death toll from Friday's tornado outbreak to 12 people from the previous 14 and are now concentrating on cleanup work. State police Sgt. Ray Poole said Sunday officials in southern Indiana's Scott County have told the state Department of Homeland Security that the county had one death rather than the three they first reported. Poole says he doesn't know the reasons for the confusion.


Tornadoes' death toll mounts; rescue efforts underway


The death toll slowly rose Saturday from a series of tornadoes that churned through ten states Friday, leaving behind a battered path of death and destruction.


Tornado reported in Alabama as storms roar in South

Emergency management officials in northern Alabama say houses have been destroyed by a tornado as the region braces for a storm outbreak.


Tornado survivors cleanup, brace for more storms


Relatives of tornado victims in southern Illinois are bracing for another storm system as they pick through the rubble of their loved ones' homes. Darrell Osman's mother was among six people killed by the tornado that leveled whole blocks in Harrisburg. He said Thursday that it is frustrating to hear more storms are predicted. Osman was searching for his mother's belongings and he fears possessions exposed by the first storm could be ruined by rain.


Storms in the Midwest Kill at Least 9

Midwest Storms

A powerful system that produced multiple reports of tornadoes early Wednesday laid waste to small towns in Illinois and Kansas while also roughing up the resort town of Branson, Mo.


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