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Hot-Air Balloon Crashes in Egypt, Killing At Least 18

Hot Air Balloon Explosion

A hot air balloon full of tourists exploded near the southern city Luxor just after dawn Tuesday, killing at least 18 people and injuring three in the latest blow to Egypt’s moribund tourism industry.


Jackpot! Vegas attracted record number of visitors in 2012

Las Vegas

Sin City cashed in last year with a record 39.7 million visitors, and tourism officials are optimistic that the mark won’t stand for long.


AP Interview: Haiti eyes tourism, other businesses

Haiti's prime minister says his deeply poor country is aiming to attract high-end tourists and multinational investors — instead of constant handouts — to get on its feet after the devastating 2010 earthquake.


Vampire on the loose in Serbia?


Get your garlic, crosses and stakes ready: a bloodsucking vampire is on the loose. Or so say villagers in the tiny western Serbian hamlet of Zarozje, nestled between lush green mountain slopes and spooky thick forests. They say that rumors that a legendary vampire ghost has awakened are spreading fear — and a potential tourist opportunity — through the remote village.


Pot votes in CO, WA raise specter of weed tourism


Hit the slopes - and then a bong? Marijuana legalization votes this week in Colorado and Washington state don't just set up an epic state-federal showdown on drug law for residents. The measures also open the door for marijuana tourism.


Freeze, drought take bite out of fall tourism

Fall Tourism

Devastating spring freezes and a historic drought have stripped some charm from rustic fall destinations, leaving some corn too short to create mazes, orchards virtually devoid of apples and fall colors muted....


Chinese tourists boost Taiwan’s economy

Taiwan Tourism

The sign inside the mausoleum of Chiang Kai-Shek tells visitors to “please bow or show your respects” to the general who fought a bloody civil war against Mao Zedong and then fled China for Taiwan, where he spent years plotting to retake the mainland from its Communist rulers.


Trade body says UK tourism slumped during Olympics

UK Tourism

The Olympics brought less tourist money to recession-hit Britain than officials expected, a trade group said Monday, with a majority of tourist businesses reporting losses from last year.

Senh: That's surprising. You'd think with all those people there, everyone would be making more, if not record, sales.


With or without foreigners, tourism grows in Tibet


Tibet is seeing a boom in Chinese visitors, meaning that the government's latest ban on foreigners following self-immolation protests against Beijing's rule has barely dented the region's tourism industry....


Gulf Coast tourism rebounds after BP oil spill

Gulf Tourism

The Gulf Coast is a hot destination again two years after the massive BP Plc oil spill made the region a tourist dead zone, with the petroleum giant pumping more than $150 million into promotions to help the region recover.


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