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CNN’s Crowley says she will play journalistic role in presidential debate

Candy Crowley, the moderator for Tuesday’s second presidential debate, isn’t backing down. The CNN reporter and host said Monday that she intends to take an active part in the town-hall-style debate, despite efforts by the campaigns of President Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney to curtail her role.


Presidential debate: Town hall format poses risks, rewards

Presidential Debate

For candidates who want to prepare for every possible question that could be thrown at them, the format for Tuesday night's presidential debate is slightly terrifying: It is a town hall-style debate, which means that the questions come from uncommitted voters. When political reporters are posing the questions, the candidates usually have a good idea what to expect. But when members of the public get the chance to weigh in, the candidates can sometimes face curve balls that leave them flummoxed.


Campaigns Upend Debate Expectations Strategies

The Obama campaign appears to be taking nearly every opportunity ahead of the second presidential debate to tell Americans what to expect from President Obama, while the Romney camp has remained essentially mum – a sharp contrast to the days before the first debate when the parallel strategy was to lower expectations.


Facing voter discontent, lawmakers skip town halls

Too much yelling, not enough listening....


Senate Rejects House Budget Plan; Obama Calls for Deal

Senate Rejects House Budget Plan; Obama Calls for Deal

The Senate on Friday voted along party lines against the proposal to cut spending and raise the debt limit. President Obama pressed for compromise during a town hall meeting.


Obama to face Twitter 'town hall'

Obama to face Twitter 'town hall'

US President Barack Obama is to face question from Twitter users at a White House "town hall" session to be streamed live online.


Obama to host town hall on Twitter

The White House announced today that President Obama will take questions via Twitter on Wednesday.


Obama to Propose $33B Tax Credit for New Jobs

The plan, which the president is scheduled to announce in a stop at a Baltimore business, would offer a $5000 tax credit for each new worker hired this year, up to $500000 per business. President Obama speaks at a town hall meeting at the University of ...


Obama: "I Have Never Used Twitter"


Barack Obama spoke to a group of Chinese students tonight at a town hall in Shanghai. The meeting was streamed live, worldwide on the Whitehouse website and on the Whitehouse's Facebook page. He was asked a limited number of questions by the audience and one was about Twitter, which has been blocked in China since July.


China Limits Live Broadcast of Obama’s Session With Students

China Limits Live Broadcast of Obama’s Session With Students

President Barack Obama held a town hall meeting in Shanghai on Monday, but unlike previous such gatherings with U.S. presidents, it was not broadcast live on China’s official state network.


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