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Lawmaker: Don't mix Google Glass, driving

Google Glass & Driving

Google Glass, the tech giant's Internet-connected headset, isn't on the market yet. But that hasn't stopped one lawmaker from trying to keep the eyewear off the highways in his state.


Are connected cars dangerous or a safety feature?

...There’s little doubt that motorists want more connectivity, despite the worrisome traffic statistics. But many experts are betting that so-called connected car technologies can be put to work reducing the number of accidents, injuries and deaths on America’s roadways.


Deadly July 4th can be avoided with these driver safety tips

The Fourth of July holiday traditionally is a time for cookouts and fireworks that celebrate America's independence. But it's also a time when traffic deaths rise dramatically. From 2006 through 2010, July 4 was the deadliest day on American roads, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.


Cars avoid crashes by talking to each other

Car Safety

As a safety demonstration, it was a heart-stopper: A Ford Taurus was seconds away from cruising through an intersection when suddenly a row of red lights pulsed on the lower windshield and a warning blared that another car was approaching fast on the cross street.


CDC: Older teens often text while behind the wheel

Texting While Driving

Think your teen would never text while driving? More than half of high school seniors admitted in a government survey that they've done just that....


Gov't cracking down on unsafe bus companies

Twenty-six bus operations that transported more than 1,800 passengers a day along Interstate 95 between New York and Florida have been closed for safety violations in what federal officials say is the government's largest single safety crackdown of the motor coach industry in at least a more


Turn signal neglect a real danger, study shows

Turn Signal Neglect

A new study says there’s a far more serious problem that’s responsible for as many as 2 million accidents annually, more than twice the 950,000 accidents linked to distracted driving.


Goodyear recalls 41,000 Wrangler Silent Armor tires

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co said Saturday it would recall about 41,000 of its Wrangler Silent Armor tires produced in 2009 over concerns that a small number could tear, leading to crashes.


Drunken-driving arrests for women up 36 percent


The drunken-driving arrest of a Federal Aviation Administration chief isn’t the only news today about drinking behind the wheel. The number of drunken-driving arrests for women has shot up in recent years according to a study being released today by the Traffic Injury Research Foundation.


Are grandparents safer drivers than mom and dad?

Are grandparents safer drivers than mom and dad?

Kids may be safest in cars when grandma or grandpa are driving instead of mom or dad, according to study results that even made the researchers do a double-take....


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